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School Improvement Plan

Problem-based learning group project presentation for Education class.

Christy Richardson

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan Group 4B Sydney Martinez, Jasmine May, Courtney Rasberry, Christy Richardson, and Amanda Worley Randolph
Macon Middle School Baker
2012-2013 Strategy 1
Differentiated Instruction Differentiated Instruction Outcomes
-Improving test scores
-Race to the Top funds Strategy 2
Mentor Teachers Mentor Teacher Incentives Outcomes
-confident first year teachers
-better mentor teacher, first year teacher bond

-up to $5,000 bonus added to salary
- master's pay
-provided by federal department of education Strategy 3
ESL Teaching How? ESL Training Sessions -These sessions will train teachers for their English Language Learner (ELL) students.

-Certification costs about $5,000 for each teacher that is certified.

-Title III funding will provide for these costs. Benchmark Assessments Differentiated Instruction -teachers will be evaluated by the school’s head of DI
-evaluations will be at the beginning and middle of every semester to view progress

If the teacher fails to meet the needs of the DI Implementation standards, then the teacher will be asked to complete training again. Sources School-wide DI Implementation
Fall and Summer Training-Understanding DI
-examples of DI
-managing a DI classroom
-Set expectations
-Mentoring Mentor Teacher Incentives
-provide teachers with bonuses for being an involved mentor teacher
-bonus added to salary after first evaluation

This strategy will:
-provide involved mentor teachers
-ensure the success of first
year teachers
-eliminate uninvolved
mentors. Last year:
The majority of our challenges last year
revolved around the swift increase of migrant students in our school zone, and the teachers being unqualified for the teaching situations this put them in.

This year:
We expect our training sessions to better prepare teachers to both teach at the
students’ level and respect their
native tongue. Differentiated Instruction

Mentor Teachers Program

ESL teaching
-evaluations Timeline of 2012-2013 school year Mentor Incentives -new teacher will give feedback on the efforts of the mentor teacher. -feedback will be given at the end of every semester. -overall good feedback: the mentor gets the incentive.
If there is more negative feedback than positive feedback: the teacher will not get the incentive and will be on mentor teacher probation. ESL Teaching -evaluated by the school’s head of ESL.-evaluations will occur in the middle of every semester to view progress.
If the teacher fails to meet the ESL requirements and the needs for their students, they will be asked to complete more training or be removed from the ESL program. The Basics
-Baker County
-Focus School
-Rural community
-Higher parental involvement rate

-Medium sized
The Issues at Hand
-Rural poverty
-ESL students
-Low test scores
-Little/no help from mentor teacher
-Need new plan of action to raise test scores Areas of Progress
-raised test scores for reading and language arts 6th grade
Areas of challenge
-Implementation of Differentiated instruction and need for mentor teachers. Randolph Macon Middle School Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. March April May NYC Teaching Fellows. (2002). Salary and Benefits. Retrieved from

teacher portal. (2004). North Dakota Teacher Salary. Retrieved from

Hamilton, S. (n.d.). Pros & Cons of Differentiated Instruction. Retrieved
from http://www.ehow.com/info_7974427_pros-cons-differentiated
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