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American Gothic

Mrs. Hill Assigned it!

Joshua Cunningham

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of American Gothic

Gothic Characteristics of
American Gothic is... Gloomy Grotesque Mysterious Violent Events Atmosphere of
and Decay Night Journeys - common elements
seen throughout
Gothic Literature. Night journeys are
commonly seen in... Evil Characters are also seen in Gothic Literature,
especially American Gothic. American Gothic tends to
deal with madness in the
Character. American Gothic also deals with
characters who should of died
but somehow end up alive. In this type of literature
normally one character
has a supernatural
power. An element of fear is
usually throughout
the coarse of the
novel. The element of fear can lead
characters to commit
heinous crimes. Wilderness Forests & Places Devoid of People Gloomy: dark or
dim; deeply shaded. Grotesque:
odd or unnatural in shape,
appearance, or character;
fantastically ugly or absurd;
bizarre. Mysterious:
of obscure nature,
meaning, origin,
etc.; puzzling;
inexplicable Violent events:
occurrence of or characterized
by uncontrolled, strong, rough force. Heinous Crimes:
Crimes that are
committed out
of straight
hatred. American Gothic has many
things behind it's name,
but it is basically a type
of darker, more mysterious, and
scarier writing. Now for a quiz over
the Prezi you just watched... Just Kidding
Scared you,
didn't I?
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