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jinfu yang

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is legend
How is legend come from
Legends are always imagined by human's, but is not related nothing, the legends are based on something.
Humans technolgy was undeveloped since many years ago,therefore people cannot explain some natural phenomenon and disater by science, the only reason they can imagine is gods did it, this is a start of lots of legend.

Tory ,Myth or reality
Nowdays legends and myth still are very important. tourist attractions which relevant to legends and myth would be very famous and populor, local goverment can make lots of profit from it. Also there many films, games are based on legends. And some of myth are taking a important part in religions.
Children are always interested in this kind of stories, so that children can learn knowledge and life philosophy from legends
I am going to do a presentation about legends and mythology. The first example is Zeus.
Zeus is the king of Olympus mons,
and is also the king of the world. When his mood is good, is sunny over Greece; When he tears, Greece wiil rain. Zeus can dispel the clouds, appears rainbow in the sky; But can also be stacked a cloud in the sky, blow wind on the ground.
Nuwa is god of creation in Chinese
myth. In the legend, nuwa legend
with mud to simulate herself and
create human. She also created
human society, Established the
institution of marriage. So people
in China also call her "mother of
As the example which i have shou before, we can know myth is a kind of story, these story are transmit between people, then it called legend. It is also one of theearliest oral narrative literature and kind of folk literature.
And there are some other legend are based on history, such as a great war ,past of a place or buliding. One of example is legend of “Tory”, this is a real war in the history which we can find in “Homer's epic”. But the legend always more overstated than real story.
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