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Ben and Jerry's Presentation 21/10/2013

No description

Sandra Sandra

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Ben and Jerry's Presentation 21/10/2013

I. Presentation of Ben & Jerry's
2. Ben & Jerry's nowadays...
II. Ben & Jerry's:
a Funny and Committed Brand

2. A Fair Enterprise
II. Ben & Jerry's:
a Funny and Committed brand

1. The Ben & Jerry's Fun Side
III. Mix Marketing of Ben and Jerry's
I. Presentation of Ben and Jerry’s

II. Ben and jerry’s a funny and committed brand

III. Mix marketing of Ben and Jerry's

1. History
2. Ben and Jerry's nowadays
1. The fun side of Ben and Jerry’s
2. A fair enterprise
1. The 4P's of Marketing
2. The competitor : Häagen-Dazs
1.The 4P's of Marketing
B & J’s establishes its Scoop Shops where its target goes

Scoop Shop, cinema, pub, supermarket, mall, bakery, amusement park, fast food…
Ice cream cakes
In supermarkets
500ml : €5,30 - €5,80

100ml : €1,90 - €2,30
In fast foods
500ml : €7,00

100ml : €3,50
Scoop Shops only in big city
The target of B & J’s is the “Bobo”
Operation “Free Cone Day” every year
Road Show of free testing
The website and the social network

259 762 followers on Instagram
400 000 people visits in 2010
279 697 followers on Twitter
7 205 784 likes on Facebook
2. The competitor : Häagen Dazs
Present in 70 countries
800 shopsworldwide
71,5% of the market share of the ice cream in cups

Partner of Rolland Garros for 19 years
On the French market since 22 years
In 2009 Häagen Dazs’s sells have advanced of 9%
A shop on the Champs-Elysées
1. History
1960's -> Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield met at School
1977 -> Failure in their jobs and studies. They decided to take a $5-course in ice-cream making.
May 1978 -> They opened their 1st shop in a renovated gas station
July 1978 -> Closure of the shop, because they do not make any profits.
1979 -> They finally succeeded !
1981 -> They are voted as the best ice-cream in the world by The Times Magazines.
2000 -> Unilever buys Ben & Jerry's for $ 300, 000, 000
2005 -> They finally arrive in France !
14,7% of market share
€ 10, 000, 000 in 2008 in France
€ 250, 000, 000 in 2008 in the world
25 Scoop Shops in France, 850 worldwide
'If it is not fun, why do it ?'
30 anecdotes about themselves on their website
'The Capture Euphoria': a new communication campaign to get closer to their fans
The 'Flavour-Graveyard'
'The Presidential Elections Ice-cream'
'Give back to the Community what it gave to them'
Fair with the environment
The Rain Forest Ice-cream
The Caring Dairy Plan -> 95% of the milk used comes from sustainable agriculture.
'The Climate Change College'
'Lick the Global Warming' Campaign in 2002
They have demonstrated in front
of the Sudan Embassy in
2003 to support the people from Darfur
'The Free Cone Day' since 1979
They support the Woodstock foundation that helps young people: The Wavy Gravy association
All their ice-creams have their fair labels since 2011
Special flavors to promote values and help raising funds
New Technologies
They went into partnership with the Penn State University to carry researches about cold.
Support to the Gay Community and the Gay Marriage
Ben & Jerry's is one of the biggest companies on the Ice-cream Market
They use a special way of communication
They strongly highlight the quality and the natural raw materials of their products
Any questions ?
Which other funny companies do you know?
What do you think about the 'Free Cone Day' Ben & Jerry's Operation ?
What do you think of Fair Trade and of companies that use Fair Trade as an advantage ?
What do those names remind you of ?

Chunky Monkey

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Cookie Dough

Fairly Nuts
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