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My Birth

No description

Bernat Collet Bertran

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of My Birth

My life
Now I am 12 years old.

I live in Argentona, next to the church.

I go to Escola Argentona's school.

I play indoor five-a-side in F. S. Olímpic Argentona's team.

My bests friens are: Bernat G., Oriol DS., Nacho R. and Gerard B.

My Future
I wold like to work as an mechanical engineer for designing sports cars.

I wold like to live in Argentona.

I wold like to be a millionaire.

I wish I had a sports car.

I wold like to travel to Roma, Hawaii and Niagra waterfalls.

My Past
I was born in Barcelona the 29th, April, 2002

When I was young I liked play football and to use Barça sport wear.

When I was young i played diferent sports in Escola Esportiva.

When I was young my hair was brown and short.

I went to a kindergarten called "Gegant del Pi".
My favorites songs
"Nuestra B. S. O."
MY Hobbies
- Going to scooter
bernat g.
My present
- Playing football
-Reading books
- Listening to music
"Dibby Dibby Sound"
I hope you liked
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