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The Hero's Journey: Edward Bloom

English 11 Project; Movie: Big Fish

Marisa H

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Edward Bloom

by: Marisa Harrington The Hero's Journey Edward Bloom The End Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Supernatural Aid
Crossing of the First Threshold
Belly of the Whale Departure Road of Trials
Woman as the Temptess
Atonement with the Father
The Ultimate Boon Initiation Refusal to Return
Magic Flight
Rescues from Without
Crossing of the Return Threshold
Master of the Two Worlds
Freedom to Live Return Edward Bloom: Big Fish Call To Adventure Edward feels that he has outgrown the town of Ashton Refusal of the Call He feels content with himself in Ashton Supernatural Aid Karl the misunderstood giant Crossing of the 1st Threshold When Edward leaves Ashton during the parade Belly of the Whale Edward takes the haunted road to Spectre Road of Trials Stops in Spectre
Escapes the forest
Gets Sandra to marry him
Purchases a dream house for him and Sandra
Conscripted into USA Army (goes to fight in Korean War)
Escapes Korea with Siamese twin dancers Ping and Jing
Becomes a traveling salesman
Robs a bank
Saves Spectre
Rebuilds Jenny's house Meeting of the Goddess Sees Sandra Templeton for the
first time at the circus Woman as the Temptess He is so focused on getting Sandra Templeton to marry him that it becomes his life's purpose for the time being Atonement with the Father Remaining true to himself Apotheosis Saving/rebuilding the town of Spectre The Ultimate Boon Comes home after all of his accomplished deeds; has stories
to pass on to his family/friends Refusal to Return His constant retelling of the stories Magic Flight Comes back with all of the stories from his
adventures to share Rescues from Without When Edward is dying and Will becomes involved in creating the story of his father's death Crossing of the Return Threshold Edward's telling of the stories for future generations Master of the 2 Worlds He becomes comfortable in being the storyteller and keeping both of his worlds alive for his family and future generations Freedom to Live Edward isn't afraid of death and dying because he knows that
he will forever live on through the telling of his stories BIG FISH
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