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Municipal Green Building


Panama Bartholomy

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Municipal Green Building

California Energy Context and Advancing the Vision

Panama Bartholomy
Advisor to Chairman Karen Douglas
California Energy Commission
Municipal Green Building Conference
Downey, CA

Home Energy Usage by Vintage
Thank You

Panama Bartholomy
(916) 654-4896
pbarthol@energy.ca.gov Context Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
Utilities must procure 20% of their electricity from renewable resources no later than 2010.

State adopted goal of 33% by 2020
In 2016, it will be six
In 2012, it will be four Summation Transmission
7-10 to plan, permit, and construct bulk transmission projects in California Natural Gas Panama Bartholomy
pbarthol@energy.ca.gov Unintended Consequences Energy and water efficiency
Demand response
Renewable energy
Electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure
Clean vehicles
Renewable transportation fuels CA and National clean energy sector Pew Charitable Trust – The Green Economy Lack of Cash Market Barriers Utility Rebates Air sealing
Attic insulation
Duct seal or replacement
Wall insulation
Crawl space insulation
Window replacement
Installation of high eficiency furnace, boiler, HVAC
Replacement of high efficiency or solar water heater
$3-8,000 or half the cost of retrofit, whichever is less Jurisdictions create voluntary, opt-in assesment district
Financing for commercial and residential property owners for energy and water retrofits
Loans repaid over 20 years via annual property tax assessment
Property Assesed Clean Energy (PACE) Every major metropolitan area in CA developing PACE districts
Los Angeles County (with all 88 jurisdictions in the County)
Eight Bay Area Counties
San Diego County and San Diego Association of Governments
Sacramento County and City and Sacramento Area Council of Governments Home Energy Financing By Q3 2010
1/2 Home Star
1/4 Utility
1/4 Financed through PACE (20-year property assesment, 7-9% interest) 28 Million Californians in a PACE district by 3rd quarter of 2010 Sonoma County Started program in May of 2009
Averaging $1 million a week in requests
Construction related employment up 6.8% since start of program Clean Energy Workforce Training Program
Green Building Training Partnerships
Clean Energy Training Partnerships
Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Training Program
Greening the Classroom
Sector Strategies www.sectorstrategies.org Lack of Trained Workers Workforce Investment Act Retrofit Financing Worker Training Job Placement Strategic Growth Council Clean Tech Investment Nationally and CA Employers Council Clean Energy Workforce Training Partnerships
$28.3 million:
$14.5 million ARRA
$3.8 million AB 118
$10 million WIA
CA Solar Thermal Hot Water Program
$300 million program in PG&E, SoCal Gas and SDG&E territories
200,000 solar hot water heaters state-wide

Electricity Oil Electricity Source
Natural Gas 46.5%
Nuclear 14.9%
Large Hydro 9.6%
Coal* 15.5%
Renewable 13.5% Hope Home and Building Star I Want You ....to have a job. All homes built after 2020 will produce as much energy as they consume
All commercial buildings built after 2030 will produce as much energy as they consume
Zero Net-energy New Buildings 75% of CA’s residential buildings and 5.25 billion square feet of commercial buildings were built before 1978’s energy efficiency standards
Existing Buildings Existing Building Goals Efficiency Renewables
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