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4th grade parent presentation

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mayme lange

on 20 June 2017

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Transcript of 4th grade parent presentation

Growing and Learning Together in
4th Grade

Units of Study
The planner is an important communication tool. We will communicate missing assignments and other important reminders in the planner. Students are expected to fill out their planner and have it signed by a parent daily. Each morning, the planner will be checked by a student or a teacher, to make sure that it has been filled out completely and signed by a parent the day before. If a student does not have their planner filled out or signed by a parent the day before, then they will sit out from recess to complete that portion of their planner.
4th Grade News
Bi-weeky, the fourth grade will send out via email a newsletter that informs you of what students will be learning and important dates and events happening in the fourth grade or school wide. Please spend time reading the newsletter over with your child.
4th Grade News
Important documents: review sheets, permission slips, large assignment descriptions
Reminders of important events
Positive and negative behaviors
Friday Folder
Every Friday, fourth grade students are given a folder filled with checked assignment, tests, and other important documents. Please review the papers in the folder with your child. They may have papers that need to be redone for a better grade. Your child will need to return the folder, with any redone assignments on Monday.
September-December: Energy
December-February: Waves
February-April: Structure, Function, and Information Processes
April-June: Processes that Shape the Earth

Science Weekly- each week students will receive a Science Weekly newspaper. Students are expected to read and complete the hand-out that will be attached to the newspaper. Students will get them each Friday and they are due the following Friday.

Students will focus on writing informational, narrative, and opinion pieces throughout the year that focus on science and social studies topics they are learning

Social Studies
September-November: Our Government
December-January: Michigan History after Statehood
February-April: Geography
April-June: Economics

Students will be using Saxon Curriculum. They will have math everyday from 8:45-10:00 am. Your child will most likely have math homework every night.

• Monday: Spanish and Music
• Tuesday: P.E. and Library
• Wednesday: Art and Technology
• Thursday: P.E.
• Friday: Spanish and Music
Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately. They will need tennis shoes for P.E. and they often paint in Art.

Homework and assignments- 30%
Test and quizzes- 60%
Participation (in class work and notebook)- 10%
Grammar, Handwriting, and Spelling
Homework and assignments-20%
Test and quizzes-40%
Teacher observations (performance on everyday assignments)-40%
Social Studies, Science, Reading, Writing

Homework and assignments-40%
Test and quizzes-50%
Participation ( in class work)- 10%

Late Work Policy
Our goal is that all assignments are turned in even if they are late. Students who don’t turn in an assignment will receive a failing grade until they have completed the assignment.

If an assignment is not turned in on time, students will be expected to work on it at home and a note will be written in their planner to indicate the assignment is missing. Students have two days to turn in an assignment before they are given an EST (extra school time) During the EST, they will sit with their teacher to work on completing the missing assignment. EST is served after school 3:35-4:30.

• If a student is ill or has an excused absence, he or she will be given one day for every day absent to make up the missed assignments.

Volunteer Opportunities
Classroom work helping the teacher
Classroom work working with students
Chaperoning field studies
Party Planner
Art Docent
Clipping and collecting box tops
Counting box tops monthly for your child's homeroom and recording them in the office
Donating items as needed
Chaperoning a field study
Attend monthly PIE meetings (see school calendar for dates and times)

Service Learning
This year we have the opportunity to complete a service learning project with Stepping Stone, a branch of Lapeer Community Mental Health. Every week a small group of students will complete an activity in the Willows with individuals in the Stepping Stone program, program coordinators from CMH, Mrs. Szymanski, and Mrs. Kress. Students will take part in one of the following with individuals in the program: a walk on the grounds, reading a picture book, or a hands-on activity. Each 4th grader will have at least one opportunity to take part in this service learning project.
“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference. And we have a choice: What sort of difference do we want to make?”
Jane Goodall
Reading Calendar
Independent reading is very important in the development of comprehension skills.
Each month students in the upper elementary are responsible for keeping track of their independent reading at home.
Reading calendars will be sent home each month .
Students are expected to read 500 minutes a month at home
Reading Calendars are entered as a homework grade in reading each month
Students will receive a Science Weekly each week and time spent completing it should be recorded as part of their reading calendar’s minutes
Reading Goal
We are encouraging all students set the goal of reading ten chapter books independently (books not read as part of classwork) in their reading level this school year. Each student will be completing a log of the books that they are reading. We hope that this goal will be encouraged at home as well.

In addition to the 500 minutes read at home monthly, every day students are given at least 15 minutes of in class time for independent silent reading to help reach this goal.
Students will be keeping a log of books finished.
Students have literacy four days a week. During this time students may take part in a novel study and will be completing the Houghton Mifflin curriculum.

Spelling words will be given out on Fridays (to allow time to practice over the weekend).
Spelling tests will be on Thursdays.

Book Club
In literacy, students take part in a book club each week. During this time we will be reading as a whole class a novel and having whole class discussions regarding the novel.
Caleb’s Story by Patricia MacLachlan
More Perfect Than the Moon by Patricia MacLachlan
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Read Alouds
Grandfather’s Dance by Patricia MacLachlan
Train to Midnight by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos
Friends by Gloria Whelan

Redo Assignments
Often students have the opportunity to redo assignments that they did poorly on. Those assignments will be in your child's Friday Folder with Redo written on them. Your child can return them on Monday, for a better grade.
Birthday and Snack Policy
Healthy eating habits are important. We would like students to be able to have a small snack during the morning and afternoon hours. It must be a healthy snack to be approved for this snack time, and something easily eaten without utensils.
We know birthdays are special and we will still be acknowledging them with a homework pass on their actual birthday or half-birthday (for summer birthdays). We will be celebrating all birthdays with a treat on the same day TBA (roughly in the spring). This will help to alleviate the pressure of feeling the need to provide a birthday treat on your child’s birthday.

Parent Partnership
As a partner in your child’s education, we hope that you will get involved with the classroom this year.
Thank you for coming.
We are looking forward to a wonderful school year.

Please make sure you get the hand-out and join us upstairs.
Students will learn the following:
Internet safety
Researching using internet sources and search engines
Reliable sources
Creating a presentation using Prezi
Creating a web page using Weebly
Maintaining a blog
Google Classroom
Students will be exposed to the following:
OER (open educational resources) like webquests, Tagxedo , Google Earth, Google Docs
Students will continue to use and practice
Practice typing
Using technology equipment
Takings assessments on the computer

Skyward Family Access allows families to view the following:
• Student’s grade book
• Student’s report cards and progress reports
• Student food service current balance and purchase history
• Student attendance records
• Electronic school directory
And to do the following:
• Add money to the lunch account
• Set up alerts about student’s grades
All families should visit the office to receive username and password to be able to family access if they have not done so.
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