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Symple rules of soccer.BY:ALEJANDRO

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alejandro vazquez

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Symple rules of soccer.BY:ALEJANDRO

Simple Rules of Soccer
The most basic rule of soccer is to not make contact to the ball with your hands, exceptions are made for a specific position called the goal keeper.Too severe physical contact is a penalty, but if you don't use your hands it is usually not a foul! The objective of the game is to kick the ball into the opposing teams goal, this gets you one point.
goal keeper
the position of goal keeper is a last resort to the goal. If the opposing teams offense has gotten past all the defense the goalie is the last person defending the goal. The keeper can use any part of his body including his hands(yes this was one of the exceptions i spoke of earlier). if the ball goes out from a kick of the of the opposing team on the line of the goal, the goalie kicks it out from a box around the goal. if the goalie grabs the ball while its still in play he can throw or kick the ball however he wants but once the ball hits the ground, it's in play.
The offense is the main scorers of the team. they need to be fast and accurate and have good foot control. The offense stays on the opposing teams side of the field.
Simple rules of soccer
The midfield position is the offenses backup as well as the defense that goes all the way up to the goal sometimes.
The defensive position is a spot with the job of trying to make the goalie do nothing, the furthest forward a defender should go is probably around the half line.
(mf is midfield)
After lots of practice you will be able to do this
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