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A Single Shard

No description

Kennedi Carruth

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of A Single Shard

A Single Shard By: Kennnedi Carruth Point of View, Setting,
and Characters
Plot: A Single Shard is about an orphan named Tree-Ear simply trying to find his way in the world, while also finding his meaning in life. A) Exposition Inciting Incident/
Rising Action
Climax Characters That Had Major Contributions to the Plot Setting Characters
(Protagonist) Point of View
Diction- Details- Imagery-
Tone-Depressing/Sad Good-In the passage it says, "Wherever you are on your journey, Crane-man, I hope you are traveling on two good legs" (Park, A Single Shard, p145). Parks chose "good" because Crane-man only had one leg that worked properly. He had many challenges he had to face each day along with much pain. Tree Ear spoke these words to state that since he is in heaven that his pain is no longer with him, and that God has rewarded him for the good things he's done on Earth with a new leg.

"Tree-Ear rolled onto his side and vomited. He retched again and again, until his stomach felt as empty as his spirit..Failure. The most dishonorable failure" (Park, A Single Shard, p125-126). This sentence describes the hurt Tree-Ear felt. How disappointed he was that he'd come so far to fail Min.So disappointed he couldn't help put sit there and puke. So that his stomach could feel as empty as his heart.

"It's not my fault! Tree-Ear wanted to scream.
He wanted to run back to Min and scream the words.
It's not my fault than I am an orphan! Why must it be father to son? If the pot is made well, does it matter whose son made it?" (Park, A Single Shard, p 96). In this detail Tree-ear couldn't help but get frustrated. He was being judged based off of something he couldn't control. He'd already gone through so much as an orphan and when Min said he couldn't consider something he had a passion for because of that, he hit a breaking point. Tree Ear always puts others before himself. Whether it's
simply saving Crane-man a little food, or walking by foot
to a palace for Min, he always finds a way to put others before himself. Setting: Min's House and The Bridge Protagonist: Tree-Ear Crane-men: Took care of Tree-Ear from the day he
met him and treated him like a little brother. In the Exposition we meet Tree-ear. A orphan who lives under a bridge in Ch'ulp'o with his guardian Crane-man.
Tree-Ear is around the age of 13.
Inciting Incident- The inciting incident all began when
Emissary Kim came to look at Min's work. When deciding he liked his pottery, he asked Min to bring some to Songdo. Min rejected the offer stating that he was too old. This is why Tree-Ear offered to take it. The Climax of this novel was when Tree-Ear arrived home. Home with great news, while Min had bad. In the climax Tree-Ear finds out that his beloved friend died in a accident. not only did he fall because of the railing he also still managed to keep the clay monkey. In the end Min adopted Tree-Ear as his son and his new name is Hyung-pil. Tree-Ear or Hyung-pil now makes pottery just like his adopted father. Tree-Ear Emotionally: Wise, forgiving, caring, and dependable.
Tree-Ear Physically: Poor and Young. Ajima: Always kept him fed and later took him in as her son. Min: Helped Tree-Ear discover his passion for pottery and after he adopted him helped him fulfill it. Theme: No matter how much pain you've gone through,
in the end,it will be better. You can't have a rainbow without a little rain. How It Shapes The Character: Makes Him A Very Dependable Character. Changes Of The Setting: The setting changed when
Tree-Ear began his traveling to Songdo. Rising Action- The rising action of A Single Shard is
when Tree-Ear is on his way to Songdo and he is robbed. Pottery is ruined. Pottery in sand, broken into hundreds of pieces. This was when the story got interesting and this is known as the rising action. NO FALLING ACTION, RESOLUTION, OR DENOUEMENT Figurative Language:
1)"... Tree-Ear wore mud like a second skin" (Simile,p33).
Meaning: He was always dirty.
2)"..but the woodcutting did not cry out so loudly anymore"
(Personification, p 39).
Meaning: It wasn't as loud anymore.
3)"The sound of crying birds awoke him" (Personification,114)
Meaning: The birds were loud. Quote:"Stealing and begging makes a man no
better than a dog" (Park,A Single Shard, p 17).
Favorite:It's true. If all you can do is beg and steal
you're doing the same things dogs do.
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