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Hilton Elevator

Elevator Assessment Centre

frommholz eva

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Hilton Elevator

Hilton Worldwide

Elevator Assessment Center 2010 – Amsterdam

What will your first 6 months as an Elevator ideally look like and how will you contribute to the success of Hilton Worldwide?

Presentation by Eva Frommholz

The Importance of Balance

What is there to take?

How can I give back?

Under the Line
The Importance of Balance Why? for an exchange to last, it has to be based on a fair balance What is there to take? Competency-related
improving my knowledge in the fields where I’m lacking experience
progress in fields where I already have some experience
ideally spend less time in FO/Reception, more time in FnB and Business Development
take advantage of OnQ to start learning a fourth language
further develop my leadership and management capabilities through structured learning and training

being able to overcome my own limits
work with passionate, inspired people
being able to move things, make a change
receive help, support and feed-back to develop and progress
feel valued
How can I give back? Placement-related…
exceed expectations of guests and team-workers
get involved with and committed to the hotel
take initiatives for improvement
show flexibility to ensure smooth operations and guest satisfaction
show integrity, be honest about my performances and those of others
motivate co-workers and spread passion

And in general?
be a valuable, trustworthy part of the Hilton Worldwide Network
represent Hilton Worldwide and the Elevator program perfectly
stay open to improvement and strive for excellence
help and value team-members of the Hilton Family to develop their talent
share my knowledge with others -> a team is only as strong as its weakest member
always stay positive, respectful and committed to help make Hilton worldwide the first choice of guests, employees and owners
Under the line... integration of the Hilton family to create a long-lasting relationship
constructive exchange for win-win situations
personal (career) development in direct ratio to my contribution to Hilton Worldwide
Thank you for your attention
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