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SEIF 2013: Towards an open Archive

SEIF 2013, Tartu 21.6.2013

Tove Ørsted

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of SEIF 2013: Towards an open Archive

Small Steps
Towards an Open Archive
What do you want to show?
interesting, on demand material
whats new
forgotten material
beautiful material
What can you publish?
Creative Commons
to make archival images accessible
to collect meta data
to provide more information by guiding visitors to the main site
to reach other national and international archives
to actively exploit the opportunities of Web 2.0
Copyright / Public Domain
70 years after the artist have deceased
50 years after the picture has been taken
The picture as personal data
Public domain
Nonproblematic material!
other issues
1. Do you need restrictions?
2. License your works
3. Share your work
Face recognition with "reasonable effort"
group photos
public places, public persons
old photos (>50 years)
photos of deceased (>10 years)
No known copyright restrictions
Public domain
Choose a platform
/ build one your self?
+ total control
- expensive
- stand alone
- limitations
+ cheap
+ new networks
Europeana, 22 million
Wikimedia Commons, 14 million
Picasa, 113 million
Flickr, 6 billion

Share Alike

Non Commercial

No derivative works
Open Archive
SIEF 2013
Digitization and trust
Tove Ørsted
Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
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