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nathzul cintron

on 1 October 2010

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Transcript of nathzul

Lincolnville History District Robert Hayling was the representative of the NAACP in St.Augustine, Florida. Lincolnville was the major black residential subdivision in St.Augustine which initiated the protests against racism. Robert Hayling did two things: he organized campaigns to end segregated facilities and asked the White House to support the city's founding anniversary, but both efforts failed. After some demonstrations and struggles St. Augustine demonstrated that even the most closed communities could not uphold segregation in the face of determined resistance. This is a church in St.Agustin By: Nathzul Cintron William Monroe trotter William Monroe Trotter was against racism, but he didn’t agree with Booker T Washington who believed that black people should get along with their white oppressors. Trotter that same year founded The Guardian which was success. Then he protested Marcus Garvey’s Back-to-Africa Movement, and petitioned Franklin D Roosevelt to end segregation in the district of California By: Rafael Astacio Oklahoma Board of Regents The place I choose was the Bizzell Library at 401 west Brooks Street on the campus of university of Oklahoma, in Norman Oklahoma. It’s about a historic movement to form a desegregated school. By: Elizabeth Sanchez Lorraine Hotels is a place was people stay at Martin Luther King J.R went to Lorraine hotel and while he was there he was assassinated. This hotel was a typical southern hotel accessible only for whites in its early history By:Jameline Rivera Lorraine Hotels An African American man named George McLaurin applied to the university to pursue his Doctorated but was denied because of his race. He filed a complaint which got him accepted to the school on a segregated basis. McLaurin filed another complaint and the school stated “he was handicapped in his pursuit of effective graduate instruction”, which meant that he wasn’t able to learn as well as others because of the unequal resources. This was the climax of the NAACP’s plans. A law was passed that all schools were to be equal.
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