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Second Conditional


Carmen Leguizamon

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Second Conditional

What would the world be like ...?
If there were no wars?
If there were no countries?
If there was no greed?
If we had no possessions?
If we had fewer things?
If you won ten million dollars, where would you live?
What if the world were going to end tomorrow because of a meteor? What would you do?
If you had a million dollars, who would you give the most money to?
If you moved to a different country, what would you miss the most?
If you could be a famous person, who would you be?
If you had more time, what would you do?
Grammar Unit 18
second conditional
1-Talk about imaginary, improbable or hypothetical situations in the present or future.
If I were a colour, Iwould be
We also use the second conditional to give advice:
If I were you, I would tell her the truth.
If you were a person of the opposite sex, who would you be/ or what would you do?
If I didn't eat any fast food,I'd be healthier.
But I haven't stopped eating fast food, so I'm neither fit nor healthy.
So if you say...
So now think...
What would you do in the following situations?
Sometimes, we use
could or might instead of would
, for example:
We can use MIGHT to make the result of the imaginary situation less certain. We don't use Might in questions.
If I worked late, I might be too tired to go out
We use COULD to talk about ability.
If you worked longer hours, you could earn more money
There is an unreal possibility that the condition will happen.
Give a piece of...
Your friend found a golden bracelet on the street...
Your best friend met the man of her dreams. The problem is that he is moving to another country for a year in just a few weeks.
Your friend can't sleep well at night...
Your friend has failed all the maths exams.
Your friend is having problems with bullies at school. They insult her/him every day.
You lent your friend some money but he/she forgot to pay you back.
You meet your English teacher at a disco.
Your neighbour played loud music late at night.
What would you do if you were at home now
In an ideal world....
Complete the sentences using
1- Everyone ..................in a nice house.
2-Everyone.............enough food to eat.
3-There......................... any poverty in the world.
4-We............pollution from cars or factories.
5-People ................ of hunger.
What would you do if he was your boyfriend?
I wish and If only
1-We use I wish/ If only+ past simple or past continuous for a wish about a present situation.
I wish I had a car.
If only I wasn't/weren't so tired!
2-We use I
wish/ If only + could/would for a wish about the present or future.
If only my mother would teach me how to drive!!
3-We use I wish/If only+ wouldn't when we are annoyed.
I wish you wouldn't make such a mess!!!
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