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Venn Diagram

Executive Office Agencies and White House Office

Emily McDaniels

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Venn Diagram

Executive office agencies accessible to the president 2.professional personnel 3.1,500 full-time employees 4.every President has reorganised it 5.some indurstrial problems are so complex the president wants experts to advise him 6.huge federal programs requirethat many executive departments and agencies work together to solve issues
7.The OMB reviews all of the legislative proposals that executive agencies prepare this is called central clearance 8.National Security Advisor is a special assistant that directs the NSC staff 9.National Homeland Security Council
created in 2001 after terrorists attack on Pentagon and WTC later rasied to the level of cabinet department 10.The Council of Economic Advisers
been around since the Great Depression.
The name is self exsplanitory. 11.There are many more EOP agencies. White House Office 1.Cabinet members has to be chosen with Senate confirmation dose what the presidents asks them to. 1.Handels the relations with the press and public this is the press secretay's job. 2.President's personal secretary basicly schedules the presidents life while in office.
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