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The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

No description

tanya kumar

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

Summary continued...

Years later, when Michael is studying law at the university, he is part of a seminar group attending one of the many previous Nazi war crime trials. He is shocked when he recognizes Hanna in the courtroom, on trial with a group of former concentration camp guards. Hanna was a former guard at a concentration camp in Auschwitz. Hanna is sentenced to prison, for killing Jews in a burning church.

Michael Berg ,15 and Hanna Schmitz 36. are drawn into a love affair. When Hanna disappears after a misunderstanding, Michael is overcome with guilt and loss.
Married and divorced, Michael has become a scholar of legal history and suffers from a haunting emotional numbness. Hanna commits suicide in prison due to the guilt of her past.
Love is Blind...
Micheal's subconscious is shared with the reader. It is evident to the reader that he is blinded by love, due to Micheal not admitting to himself that Hanna is a criminal.
Background Information
~The Holocaust is the genocide (mass murder) of approximately 6 million Jews.

~The Holocaust began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler had obtained power.

~Ended in late 1945 when the Nazi's were defeated by Allied powers.

~Concentration camps were established in which inmates were subjected to slave labor until they died of exhaustion or disease.

~'Auschwitz' was a German Nazi concentration camp

~ SS or Schutzstaffel organization, were commanded under Adolf Hitler, they were guards whom guarded concentration camps

The Reader

Book by Bernhard Schlink
Presentation by Tanya Kumar
Be Careful...
Shows a better
understanding of
Michael's innocence
and love towards Hanna.
Clearly shows the reader
the desire
and bond Michael had
created for Hanna.
As the novel contains
Michaels opinions
between the dialogue, it gives a better understanding of his thinking. reader is able to feel characters emotions.
Does not carry the theme of "love is blind' well. Since there are no opinions being discussed, the viewer has to base the characters emotions off the actors facial expressions and actions. This does not have much of an emotional connection between the actor and audience.

Actors facial expressions fail to display the love Micheal has for Hanna even knowing that she was a criminal. Actor fails to connect with audience in a way where they understand the love he has for Hanna,
Micheal prioritizes
Hanna over his own
family and personal problems. He leaves
his daughter and
goes to see Hanna
in prison. Even after
his marriage Micheal
puts Hanna first
before anything. This shows the blinding of
his love, in effect even after many years.

This scene is not shown in the film. If it was shown, it would show carry the theme of 'love is blind' well and clearly make the audience understand.
Which is better?
I believe the book was better to understand the theme of 'love is blind' because of Micheal's subconscious that is heard through the dialogue. this helps the reader clearly be notified of Micheal's emotions and opinions. The books' language used is descriptive enough to explain the characters and their actions. Although movies help us visually, they fail to show the inner concept and the ideal message. The characters thoughts have to be dissected from the actors facial expressions and actions.
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