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Race Class and Gender

No description

Carrie Hindenach

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Race Class and Gender

Race, Class and Gender
in the US
Social Stratification: The Class System in the US
Big Idea #1:
Higher Stratified people are considered superior in every culture.
Big Idea #2:
Mobility between classes is possible but rare. The exceptions are used to justify the system of inequality
Big Idea #3:
Human work to maintain the system of social stratification
Monopoly Day!
Play monopoly normal for 45 minutes.
Write down who wins. One sheet per group.
Play round #2 according to the rules.
Respond to the discussion post on Edmodo
Strata refers to a group of people that are treated the same and considered equal.
Social Stratification is 'structured inequality according to strata'
Caste System: Example India and based on an ideology (particular a religion is this case).
Class System: More open and is subject to change by the superior class. Depends on occupation, economic circumstance, race, etc. Individuals have some control but not much
Social Mobility:

Movement between strata's or classes
Can be up or down
Extremely difficult - mostly generational
Exceptions are used to justify the system (The American Dream Myth)
Exchange Mobility (Your Competence)
Structure Mobility: There is a change in the structure of society. Institutions and social functions change to create class mobility (most happen this way)
Mobility is Controlled By:
Controlling the resources (economic)

Social Networks and Power (Social structure)

Cultural Capital (Education and Pop culture)
Big Question: How much of this college tuition issue is about keeping people out?
Big Idea #4:
We create ideologies to justify the social stratification system in each of our societies.
It becomes a false consciousness
Dominant Theory: It's Natural
"Kid, its just the way the world works"
Said the rich, middle class and poor man
Two Perspectives
• Stratification has a useful social function.• Stratification is necessary – provides balance and contributes to the overall social stability.• Some roles require scarce talents and prolonged training – must be filled by the elite.• Some jobs require hard work and dedication so rewards must attract people to those jobs.• Dysfunctions of stratification?
• Rejects Functionalists• Tension,competition are powerful factors that shape culture, social structures, government and economic ideologies/values.• Class conflict is the problem–history of constant class conflict.• Upper class preserves their power by dictating the culture (at the expense of lower classes).• Conflict today: Who gives orders v. who takes orders, Who drives the global economy v. who ‘makes the goods’.
Gender Studies in the US
What are the differences between men and women?
Gender is culturally assigned unlike sex. Your biology makes you female, your culture make you a woman
Definitions of "being a man" change over time
We are taught how to 'act like a lady'
Female roles are seen as inferior
We attribute complex social phenomenons to physical characteristics of each sex (the evolution of gender roles)
Gender Socialization
Gender Stratification
the hierarchical distribution of social and economic resources according to gender
Content Analysis Project: Bring in Magazines tomorrow!
It is similar to racism which involves power.
In general a disadvantage to women due to gender because of a distinct set of cultural and social processes and expectations specific to being a woman.
Big Idea #1: Race is an Illusion
It is made up by people
BUT It is universally accepted as the truth and then myths and stereotypes follow
There is no genetic or biological difference between races.
Skin Color Differences are due to geographic location, environmental interaction and EVOLUTION
We could have pick other markers to determine race
There are absolutely NO GENETIC
markers that define race. It is completely and totally a SOCIAL PHENOMENON
Big Idea #2: There are REAL consequence for all in society for buying into the definition and idea of race.
Privileges are given to those defined as the superior race. (White Privilege)
Races defined as 'inferior' internalize the definition which has serious consequences. (paper bag test)
Prejudice continues because we justify our behaviors to make ourselves feel better about our behaviors and ideas.
The media has helped but does play into racial stereotypes.
The definition of race has changed over time
White Privilege
We are taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance over a group"
Soledad O'Brian CNN News Anchor Tackles
What is means to be Black

Harvard's Controversial Implicit Test. Take then read the article on edmodo.com, then answer the reflective questions.
How has the media helped and hurt Racial Issues in the US?
Race: An Illusion Part I
Race: An Illusion Part II
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