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Black Death

opposite of the White Life

Hamza Taj

on 10 May 2012

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Transcript of Black Death

The Black Death
A plague is a disease that is widely spread.
The Black Death was a horrible and extremely dangerous type of plague.
What is a plague?
The Black Death was given its name for two reasons: "black" is from the Latin word for plague: Atra Mors. Atra means "terrible" or "black". "Death" obviously came from the disease's effect on its victims.
It had such an immense effect on its victims that the Christians thought that it was a punishment for mankind's crimes and wrongdoings
The Black Death
The disease was caused by tiny bacteria/fleas called Yersinia Pestis
Yersinia Pestis was discovered by two bacteriologists known as Alexander Yersin and Shibasaburo Kitasato
These two men discovered that Yersinia Pestis was the cause of the Black Death as well as a seperate disease contiminated Hong Kong and India

How was it caused?

How was it spread?
What were the Effects?
religious reaction
How did its Victims React?
Yersinia Pestis, small fleas, buried themeselves into the fur of (roof) rats and mice
During this time, two forces were at war, the Tarters and the Genoese
the Tarters had the upper hand until they were contaminated and annihilated by the disease
The Tarters tried to finish off the Genoese by launching the contaminated corpses over the walls, therefore unintentionally spreading the disease
After the death of the Tarters, the Genoese escaped to Sicily by boat, taking their contaminated bodies and rats/mice with them
When they arrived, the Genoese did not realize that they were effecting the people of Sicily, while the bacteria eventually spread to Europe, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Austria and Germany
The turned to the church and prayed to god.
they thought the jews caused it and they killed them and set their houses on fire.
How they reacted.
They put signs on doors warning to stay away
Social Effects
Livestock and crops died
Whole villages faced starvation
People avoided each other so as not to spread the bacteria or be affected by it
Economic Effects
Food prices went up.
Markets closed down when people where eihter contaminated or cotaminated others
They attended church and turned to Jesus/Isa (A) for assistance thriugh the horrible times and the answer to curing the plague.
Religious Effects
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