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lesson 1

No description

Falastin Zghyer

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of lesson 1

lesson 1
lesson 2
Lesson 3
lesson 4
Complete the sentences. Use the correct form the verb in brackets.
The Terrible Treacle Flood.
Grammar box
past continuous
1. I
walking down the street when I saw a lorry.
2. He
looking when the taxi hit him.
3. What
they doing when the lorry
you reading the newspaper when the lights
out ?

There was an accident yesterday. Write what these people were doing when it happened.
* John and Harry / wait / cross / road .
* Mr Snip / cut / Mr Bell's hair .
* Mrs Bloom / put / plant / in pot .
* Miss Prim / clean / windows .
* Molly and Anna /buy / cakes .
* Mrs Brown / sell / figs .
Match and write phrases .
1 jug 2 bag 3 loaf 4 bottle 5 box 6 bunch

matches flowers water flour oil bread
We saw the taxi .
Crash !!!
I heard a crash .
I saw a van .
I saw the taxi .
We heard a bang .
I saw a lorry .
What did these people see or hear in Bridge Street at four o'clock?
Write what they were doing when the accident happened .
Answer the questions. Use short answers.
1. Where does Miss Prim live ?
2. What is the name of the shop where Mrs Bloom works ?
3. Which shop is Mr Snip's ?
4. Where were Molly and Anna when the accident happened ?
5. Where were John and Harry when the accident happened ?
6. Where does Mrs Brown work ?
a. The taxi driver heard the van hooting and suddenly drove forwards .
b. It was in the middle of the road and passenger was talking to the driver .
c. The taxi hit the lorry and then the van hit the taxi.
d. Finally, the passenger got out of the taxi an shouting at the van driver .
e. The van couldn't pass the taxi so it hooted and started to go round it .
f. The passenger was getting in the taxi when a van came along Bridge Street .
g. But the taxi driver didn't see a lorry because he was looking at the van .
h. After that, the van driver shouted at the taxi driver.
i. We were waiting to cross the road when we saw the taxi .
j. When the taxi went forwards a lorry was coming the other way .

Order the sentences .
1. Why was the taxi in the middle of the road ?

2. When the boys saw the van, what was the passenger doing ?
3. Whey did the taxi driver suddenly drive forwards ?
4. What was the taxi driver doing when he hit the lorry ?
5. Who was angry with the taxi driver ?

6. Who was the passenger angry with ?

1. Sam (look) at the sky when the plane (fly) over.
2. The boys (run) along the beach when the storm (begin).
3. Sally (ride) her bike when the weal (break)?
4. Tiger (look) at the camera when Alex (take) his photo.
5. the children (swim) when the bell
What weren't they doing? Write sentences.
1. Joe / not watch TV / Mark / phone.

2. The boys / not play / football / lose / ball.

3. Sally / not tidy / bedroom / find / necklace .

4. Zoe and Linda / not go / cinema / accident happen.

5. Mrs Gordon / not sit / under / tree / branch fall.

Write pairs of words that have similar meanings.
shine huge ancient gleam writer old artist
massive painter scribe
Done by


Bayan Zghayer
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