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High School Tobacco Presentation

No description

Melissa Peters

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of High School Tobacco Presentation

Toxic Ingredients
Tobacco products contain up to 4,000 chemicals, many added to preserve the tobacco and accelerate the absorption of nicotine.
Chronic Bronchitis
Emphysema is the destruction of lung tissue caused by cigarette smoke. The air sacs within the lungs are unable to inflate and deflate properly so lung function is severely weakened.
Lung Cancer
Wrinkles and Skin Cancer
The Sean Marsee Story
Oral Cancer
-Tobacco use reduces the elasticity of the skin so wrinkles appear sooner and more pronounced.
- Smoking also boosts your risk of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by 52 percent.
Smokeless tobacco use in particular increases your risk of oral cancer, gum disease and tooth loss.
Tobacco and Health
What's in E-Cigarette Vapor?
Contains Toxic Chemicals

-Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines
-Propylene Glycol or Glycerol
-Flavoring Additives
-Heavy Metals: Nickel, Cadmium, Lead
-Particles from the plastic casing and battery
-Chemicals that California requires to carry the Warning "This product is known to cause birth defects and cancer."
Chronic bad breath and Hairy Tongue
Tobacco chemicals linger in the mouth after use. This means that there is CONSTANT bad breath.
Tobacco Use Effects the Entire Body
Chewing Tobacco
E - Cigarettes
Types of Tobacco
Arterial Disease
Circulatory System:
Circulatory System:
Nicotine Addiction

Addiction is a condition in which the body must have a drug to avoid physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. (APA)
An intense craving for nicotine
Feeling tense, restless, or frustrated
Increased appetite and weight gain
Problems concentrating
Withdrawal from nicotine causes:
How do you think addiction would effect someone's life?
Finely cut tobacco with reconstituted tobacco and up to 4,000 additives.
Snus is finely ground tobacco in pouches intended to be placed in the mouth.
Tobacco that is chewed by the user.
A hookah is used to smoke shisha, a mixture of tobacco, molasses and flavorings.
Cigarillos are small cigars. They are wrapped with tobacco instead of paper and are not intended to be inhaled deeply.
Smoking doubles the risk of stroke.
Constricted veins, thickened blood and reduced blood oxygen contribute to ischemia (blockage of a blood vessel).
20% of heart attacks in the United States are directly linked to smoking.
Doctors, Babies and Even Santa?!
Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man
Still Up to the Same Tricks
- 46 States sued the tobacco companies for withholding information that tobacco was addictive and damaging to health. The case was settled out of court and is now referred to as the
Master Settlement Agreement.
- Congress passed a law banning cigarette ads on television and radio.
Buerger's Disease
Circulatory System:
Constricted veins decrease the oxygen supply to extremities, leading to gangrene.

Tips From Former Smokers
Tobacco Advertising

Chewing Tobacco Additives

: used in car batteries

: embalming fluid

: a poison

: an addictive drug

: cancer-causing chemical

Polonium 210
: nuclear waste

: irritant

: toxic chemical

: cancer-causing chemical

Uranium 235
: used in nuclear weapons

: can cause cavities

Fiberglass and Sand
: abrasives

(28 known Carcinogens)

Cigarette Additives

(20 known carcinogens)
Michael is in his 50s and has COPD as a result of smoking.
Shawn was diagnosed with throat caner in his 40s.
Brandon has Buerger's disease.
Roosevelt had a heart attack at age 45 and six artery bypasses as a result of smoking.
Tobacco Advertising
What do they want you to think?
Do you have more questions?
Sean Lang-Brown
Ozzy Alvarado

San Luis Obispo County Tobacco Control Program
E-cigarettes heat nicotine containing fluid instead of burning tobacco leaves.
Smokeless tobacco can cause an overgrowth of papillae on the tongue, making it them look like hair.
Smoking doubles the risk of stroke.
Point of Sale: Then and Now
Tobacco Marketing Tactics
The Power Wall
Price Promotions
Flavored Products
“It’s a well-known fact that teenagers like
sweet products. Honey might be considered.”
– Brown & Williamson Memo, 197
Heart Attack
Tooth Decay
Oral Cancer
Smokeless tobacco users can develop pre-cancerous lesions within months.
Packaging and Branding
In 2012, Australia banned brand labels on cigarette packaging and required graphic warnings.
Packaging influences smokers perceptions of quality and satisfaction.
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