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Art 60's Assignment

Say Pepsi Please

Madison LeMaire

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Art 60's Assignment

Part B Year 8 60's assignment Andy Warhol I have chosen Andy Warhol because his style is unique and his artworks are different from most artists’ work. I like Andy Warhol’s work because they are colorful and sharp, and show a modern touch that isn’t so boring. Andy Warhol’s art is exciting and detailed and uses a wide variety of techniques. Warhol is also one of
the most important artists of
pop art. He also earned himself the
nickname 'the pope of pop'. I have used Andy Warhol’s piece of art called, say Pepsi please, and created in 1962, the artistic mediums that were used were, silk screening, and oil painting. I believe that Warhol painted the Pepsi bottle cap because it is a popular icon that no one really pays any attention to but see it seen very often, because Pepsi is very popular and is very popular throughout many cities. Say Pepsi Please The Artistic Elements and principals that are used in the painting, Say Pepsi please are:
Balance from the visual distribution throughout the cap because it is circular and is also given a 3 dimensional format because it is slightly tilted.
Contrast is also used in the piece to make the borders clear and you can actually see there are no black borders to contain the colour and stop it from blending it is just completely different tones of colour next to each other to give the impression of a line. There is a pattern in the border of the cap it is the trimming that holds the whole cap onto the bottle and it would fall off without it. The trimming is repeated around the lid, therefore there is repetition Art Elements and Principals used in the Painting
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