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Copy Editing in the Digital Age

A presentation for #eij12

Kelly Fincham

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy Editing in the Digital Age

Why would I use it?
Build stories from social media
Embed social media
Create context from social media
Verify sources in social media What is Storify? How would I use it? Curate public reaction on big stories
Timeline news stories - esp weather
Build a story from live tweets
Aggregate eyewitness reports A way to tell stories using social media as a wire service Wire rewrites Sure! Timelines: How events unfolded Example
timeline Curate public reaction
Timeline events
Curate live tweets
Aggregate eyewitness reports Workshop starts here! Sign up at storify.com Can you
give me
examples? Storify handout available via EIJ12 app
Prezi available at
Contact @kellyfincham on Twitter Thank you
for listening! Working on a wire story Best practice SEO headlines
Keywords in description
Picture close to top
Frequent contextual graphs
Use social media to add value
Double-check links and images
Don't use non-public sources What can I put in a Storify? YouTube
Google News

Storifies Chute GetGlue

SoundCloud BreakingNews
RSS feeds

App.net Tumblr Omagh bombing, August 1998 Then: Dependent on wire reports. No way of initiating conversation with eyewitnesses. No video or high-res images. Now: Instant status posts via Twitter, embeddable video from YouTube, images from everywhere. Better storytelling. Curating response to #romneyencore Curating response to #romneyencore Curating response to #romneyencore Social media content YouTube
Instagram Flickr
Interactive charts
Twitter quotes
Facebook posts @KellyFincham Copy Editors in the Digital Age
A Storify workshop Timeline from Accu Weather Timeline from Accu Weather Timeline from Accu Weather Effective use of Storify Curate Live Tweets Curate Live Tweets Curate Live Tweets Eyewitness reports Eyewitness reports Eyewitness reports Tweets live forever on Storify Text
Man on street quotes
Pictures (b&w)
Graphs and charts
Captions Print content On Storify, Tweets live forever Everything you need to do can take place within Storify.
Search for stories
Click on users to verify them
Double-check links
Save tweets
All in one place. And so what? Screenshot of searching within Twitter Screenshot of story being built 1 Storify (as shown)
2 Chrome
3 Firefox Three ways to collect content Install bookmarklet on Firefox browser Download Chrome extension Firefox users get 'Storify this' activation button Chrome users get automatic buttons In Firefox, buttons are activated by user Active 'Storify this' page Save to Storypad Story updated Save to actual story
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