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LFCC Resumes Presentation

LFCC: Use for Presentations on Resumes & Coverletters

Dana Wile

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of LFCC Resumes Presentation

Writing Resumes &
Cover Letters Common Headings Contact Information
Summary (Optional)
Internship Experience
Work Experience
Volunteer Experience
Activities Contact Information Name
Professional Email
Branding! Education College, Location
Associates of....
Honors Experience Order that highlights your experience related to the job
Title, Organization/Company Name, Location, Dates
Accomplishment Statements Accomplishment Statements Highlight TRANSFERABLE SKILLS
Think Twitter concise, direct statements 140 characters or less Activities Highlight Leadership
Title, Club/Organization Name, Dates
Accomplishment Statements Tailored Heading Examples Related Experience
Teaching Experience
Laboratory Experience
Research Experience
Leadership Experience
Management Experience
Child Development Experience
Service Experience
Relevant Coursework
Field Experience Clean Clear Concise Formatting .5" to 1" Margins
Equal on ALL sides Font size NO smaller than 10pt.
Use a simple style
i.e. Times New Roman, Ariel Name stands out on the page Consistent
Formatting Spread the information out on the page (not cluttered but not too
much white space) Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation! ONE PAGE Employers spend an average of 20-30 seconds looking at a resume the first time ERROR
FREE! Land yourself in an interview.............................not the circular file. Content of the
Resume Cover Letter "How I Knew You" Paragraph "Details that set you Apart"
Paragraphs "Thank you" and"Call me" Paragraph Counseling, Academic Advising, & Career Services CareerServices@lfcc.edu
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