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Cat got your Tongue?

No description

Chris Weindel

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Cat got your Tongue?

Cat got your Tongue?
Jack's essays were full of brevity, causing his teacher to ask him a lot of questions about the essay.
The mayor's speech was concise, to the point where it left me with many questions.
The boy kept his presentation laconic, using few words as he spoke.
One of the girl's talents is the ability of pithiness, the ability to get a point across while using few words.
Most students are quiescent on the first day of school.
Like many people, i am reticent when i am nervous.
Like all good speakers, Obama tries to keep his speeches succint and briefly stated.
Being new to the school, the boy remained taciturn until he met some new friends.
After being asked the silly question, Kowalski only answered with a terse expression.
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