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we are Greenpeace!

No description

Hannah Young

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of we are Greenpeace!

Who we are
We are the Greenpeace group. We are the extreme environmental party. Our mission is to get across the importance of not developing this Northern Gateway Pipeline, and stopping further development in the Alberta Oil Sands.
Our allies are:

-Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN)

-Tar Sands Solutions Network (TSSN)

-BC Government
Effects on the Waters
The Alberta Oil Sands create 3-5 cubic metres of tailings for each cubic metre of bitumen extracted.
Effects on the Wildlife
Alberta is home to 587 different wildlife species. Marine and on-land.
Effects on Forests
Canada's main type of forest is the Boreal Forest. 25% of our remaining ancient forests on the planet are our Boreal Forest.
Our Plan
we are Greenpeace!
Our main goal is to get across that developing this pipeline and further developing the Alberta Oil Sands will cause many problems. These developments hold great danger where the problems are greater than any benefits.

We will be showing how both these things negatively effect the Wildlife, the Water Systems and the Forests.
-Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

-Enbridge: Northern Gateway Pipeline

-Government of Alberta
The Northern
Gateway Pipeline
Facts on Pipeline:
- A twin pipeline system (1,177km) running from Bruderheim, AB to Kitimat, BC
- West bound pipe: exports diluted bitumen to marine terminal to be shipped to Asia
- East bound pipe: imports natural gas condensate (makes fuel, plastic etc.).
- $6.5 billion dollars

Animals such as moose, caribou, deer, wolves, black bears, songbirds and owls inhabit the Boreal forest, which overlaps the Alberta Oil Sands.
Quick Facts
The Oil Sands have created development of common specie depletion, such as the woodland caribou, several species of whales, and over 300 species of birds are at risk.
Every DAY 200 MILLION litres of toxic tailings are produced. The animals in the area are losing their homes to these ponds and are becoming very sick. And most end up dying.
These forests hold up to 47 billion tonnes of CO2 within their trees and soils.
Our forests are being
greatly affected by the
Oil Sands because of
the excavation of trees and
wetlands, which are rapidly
Our opposing companies are:
Why Us?

In Summary...
Space view of the
Alberta Oil Sands (1984-
The waterways surrounding the Oil Sands are affected by this production because of the acids released in the air. Also the tailing ponds are reducing usable water systems.
People downstream from the sands have to be cautious because of possible contaminated water, fish and wildlife.
We need to be listened to because not only is it our wildlife, waters and forests, it is having an extensive affect on us.
All these developments are yes, helping our economy but are they really helping us?
Say NO to the pipeline- Greenpeace
The Alberta Oil Sands have already taken away large portions of our forests, wildlife and water ways.
If this pipeline is developed it will be affecting these things and greater, us.
Did you ever think how these things
are affecting us? By the way the Oil Sands are growing our health now, and our future
generations are at stake.
www.greenpeace.org/canada (Slide 4,5,9,12)

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enbridge_Northern_Gateway_Pipeline (Slide 4)

news.nationalgeographic.com (Slide 6)

pembina.org (Slide 5)

www.gatewayfacts.ca (Slide 4)

ww.oilsands.alberta.ca/reclamation(Slide 9)

Greenpeace handout (Slide 8)
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