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About Orchestra


pyo sungeun

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of About Orchestra

What is an Orchestra ? Evaluating How does an Orchestra member evaluate his performance

Is he happy with his performance in an Orchestra are his co. performers happy with him Orchestra & Theatre play References :
conductor-orchestra-funny/ STRING
PERCUSSION Orchestra is a large group of musicians playing many kinds of instruments. Groups of musicians playing only a few kinds of instruments are usually called bands. How many members compose an orchestra A smaller orchestra (of about forty players or less) is called a "chamber orchestra".

A full size orchestra (about 100 players) may sometimes be called a "symphony orchestra" or "philharmonic orchestra" Where do they perform What are the instruments played Information Gathering Theatre Concert hall Public park How many members compose an orchestra

What are the instruments played

Where do they perform What are the qualities
needed to be an Orchestra member Friendly
Artist Imagining How does a member feel the spirit of an orchestra

How do they get expression of a piece How does a member feel
the spirit of an orchestra How do they get expression
of a piece By practicing with them By learning & Studying
the piece Peter
Bucks Compliment


Criticism If a member evaluates another performance, he should see to it that the person is the cooperating with other members. The video can relate or give
life to a performance to the theatre Thank you for watching
Good luck
Next presenter
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