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Wantz I.T.

Business Pitch

Steven Wantz

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Wantz I.T.

The Solution IT Consulting Industry Competitive Landscape What is Wantz IT? Steven Wantz Target Customers Cloud-Based
IT Software and Systems Design No Customer Service Infrastructure Reaching Customers Software Companies Non-Software Companies Internet Presence Other Possible Marketing Sources Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans Small Business Association Small Business Development Center Wantz I.T. provides outsourced customer service for software companies who specialize in cloud-based solutions. 80% 20% The
Customer http://www.consumerreports.org "Increased IT budgets... will keep IT consultants busy." IBISWorld Revenue Profit Annual Growth 07'-12' Wages Annual Growth 12'-17' Businesses $327.5bn $24.6bn 3.3% 3.0% $136.6bn 427,904 No Time to train new employees Provide a live HUMAN VOICE in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE 10%-30% Growth Rate Save $$$ Reputation for Quality Customer Service Better Relationship with customers Marketing Plan •Identify Potential Customers
Syracuse Tech Garden
Tech Meet-up

•Once Identified
Determine level of interest
Secure Letters of intent

•Produce and Distribute Marketing Materials
Business Cards High focus on finance and insurance industries Providing broad IT support services IT Computer Support of New York, LLC Only indirect competitors Indirect Competitors Everon ComputerSupport.com All Covered www.allitsupported.com AND... What's Next? Average Price Cost to Maintain Cost to Train Cost to Hire Pricing Costs WITHOUT Wantz I.T. Costs WITH Wantz I.T. (90 days) (per year) (30 days) (per year) (minimum base contract) Financial Projections Start-up Costs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Start 2 contracts 5 contracts 10 contracts $98,000 $90,000 $8,000 Revenue Expenses Net Profit $245,000 $219,000 $26,000 Revenue Expenses Net Profit $490,000 $438,060 $51,940 Revenue Expenses Net Profit Equipment Legal Marketing Combat Veteran Experienced in Customer Support I.T. Education Certified Project Manager Identify Bootstrap Develop Bottom Line I know how to manage people and handle customers Total
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