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Evolution of Manga

No description

Veronica Agreine

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Evolution of Manga

Evolution of Manga

What is Manga?

Manga: Japanese comic books. They are read right to left...
Mangaka: A person who writes/draws manga. The author.

They are separated based on the different styles and genre of the story. The big categories are:
Shoujo- Young girls 13+
Shonen- Young boys 13+
Josei- Older female 16+
Seinen- Older male 16+
Welcome to history in the making.
~Prepare yourselves~

Yes, that's right backwards!

What's the difference between manga and anime???

Anime is the animation or an animation while manga are the books. The styles are much more simpler in anime because each panel has to be drawn out...by hand. For example...

Pokemon which has both a manga and an anime.
Created by: Satoshi Tajiri in 1996

Now for comparison:
Anime Manga

See the difference? The manga has more details and is less kid friendly.

Let's look at the evolution of art!

The style manga itself was developed in the 19th century by but it originally derives from traditional Japanese art.

Traditional Current

Ultra Maniac
By: Wataru Yoshizumi
More Notes:
Pokemon: 1996

Satoshi Tajiri
Chi's Sweet Home: 2004

Kanata Konami
Yotsuba: 2003

Kiyohiko Azuma
Deathnote: 2003

Illus.: Takeshi Obata
Fruits Basket: 1998

Natsuki Takaya
Naruto: 1997

Masashi Kishimoto
Paradise Kiss: 1999

Ai Yazawa
Attack on Titan: 2009

Hajime Isayama
Mirai NIkki: 2006

Sakae Esuno
Dawn of the Arcana: 2009

Rei Toma
Sailor Moon: 1992

Illus.:Naoko Takeuchi
Black Butler: 2006

Yana Toboso

Fullmetal Alchemist: 2001

Hiromu Arakawa
Sword Art Online: 2010

Illus.: Tamako Nakamura
InuYasha: 1996

Rumiko Takahashi
Koizora: Setsunai Koi Monogatari: 2007

D.N.Angel: 1997

Yukiru Sugisaki
Nana: 2000

Ai Yazawa
Dragon Ball Z: 1988

Akira Toriyama
Shinigamihime No Saikon: 2013

Onogami Meiya
Random Terminology:

Otaku: Negative connotation for someone who reads manga and watches anime
Kawaii: Cute
Senpai: Upper schoolmate
Kohai: Lower schoolmate
Chibi: Big headed, small versions of people
Cosplay: Dressing up as a character from an anime, manga, game...
The source of inside jokes...

Have a nice day!

How to read panels:

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