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Green Chain

No description

Magdalena Kurowska

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Green Chain

Green Chain
Key issues in sustainable supply chain management
Focus on sustainability on entire supply chain
Changes in supply chain management in future
New trends to follow!
Existing supply chain management in DHL
Our recommendations
Estimate carbon footprint (energy consumption/ real estate/ ground transport) improve efficiency - carbon reduction programmes

Join the '' United Nations Environment Programme’s Climate Neutral Network ''

Commitment to issues ( social/ environmental ) - dedicated resources to programmes
( climate protection/ disaster relief )

Include consisted of other indirect CO2 emission/ produce corporate stewardship - reduse emissions

GoGreen/ decrease electricity ( regular lights - energy efficient lights/ optimize use of natural daylight - skylights )

Importance of sustainability in supply chain
Reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness
Reduction of inefficiency, i.e. computerised systems to replace paper-work
Labour cost facing decline to match across the world
Expansion of ecosystem supplies
Aim to become more predictive
CSR no longer an option!
Supply chains escaping to end-to-end solutions
-Desiging a product in a way to minimaze its harmful impact on environment.
-Reduction of by-products by manufacturing them.
-Extention the life of products.
-Disposition of the product at the end of its life by reusing, incinerating,
recycling or remanufacturing.
How sustainability can be introduced in supply chain :
Provision of end-to-end service
"Click&Collect" service
Transport outside the cities in order to minimise noise and pollution.
The food company Nestle has been accused of failing to carry out checks on child labour and other abuses in part of its cocoa supply chain.
'' (Hawksley, 2012)
Hawksley, H. (2012). Nestle 'failing' on child labour abuse, says FLA report. Available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-18644870. Last accessed 29th Mar 2014.
Training to recognise children at risk
Raising general awareness
Constant monitoring

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New ideas in supply chain management
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(Bambo, 2013)
• Eddie Stobart Group,(2014). Biomass Fuels. Available: http://www.stobartgroup.co.uk/services/Stobart-Biomass/Fuel-Processing/
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