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Spirituality and Pastoral Care

DAY1 - Introduction to Spirituality

Dawn OConnell

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Spirituality and Pastoral Care

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...those transcendant beliefs and values which give deepest meaning to our lives.
Jacqueline Watson (2003)
Spirituality is the awareness that there is more to life than the material; an awareness of oneself as a human being, responsive to beauty, sensitivity to ethical concerns, as well as experiences of engaging in mystery, awe and wonder.
David Hay and rebecca Nye (2006)
An awareness that there is something Other, something greater than the course of everyday events.
McCreery (1996)
...that process by which God seeks continually to work upon, or address, the raw unstable chaos of our lives and experience, and of our world, drawing forth meaning, identity, order and purpose. Mursell (2001)
Spirituality is the way in which people in all times and places encounter the holiness, the mystery, the fear and fascination of existance, of their own life, and death, and of their calling to be members of their family, their tribe... Butler & Butler (1996)
Spirituality is a dynamic wholeness of self in which the self is at one with itself and with the whole of creation.
Zoher & Marshall (2000)
For me spiritual experience is the search for answers to questions such as 'who am I?', 'Where do I fit in?', 'Why am I here?'.
Eaude (2004)
Spiritual moments are direct, personal, and often have the effect, if only for a moment, of waking us up and expanding our understanding of who we are and what our place is in the universe.
Tobin Hart (2003)The secret spiritual world of children
Would you like me to pray with you?
Can I send Christmas cards to my colleagues?

Should I be allowed time off because of Church Services / Christmas / Easter?

Can I wear a cross?

I am being asked to wear an immodest uniform – can I refuse?

Can I share my faith in the workplace?

Can I give a Christian opinion on controversial topics?

I am worried I might be accused of being homophobic.

Can I object where my employer has asked me to undertake duties that are contrary to my Christian conscience?

My employer has asked me to provide a good or service for a client that is contrary to my Christian conscience.
Spirituality of Children and Young People
Think about your own experience.

While remembering your own definition of spirituality - how was your spirituality nurtured as a child and as a young person?
Children's spirituality and the school curriculum
Schools are required by law to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society

(Education Reform Act 1988 and reinforced in subsequent Acts)
its definition
(SCAA 1995, Ofsted 2004, Watson 2001)
poor focus in teacher training
(Wright 2000, Woolley 2009)
lack of valuing of spirituality
(Hay & Nye 2006, Adams,
Hyde & woolley 2008)
State of wholeness, when every aspect of life is in balance and the person feels confident, creative, fulfilled and integrated, both inwardly and in relation to other people. It is a process of growth and development that gives to the individual meaning, purpose, direction and value in daily life.

Encompass hope, a quest for meaning and inner peace, a need to be valued and to receive assistance to cope with anxieties and fears.
Identify opportunities to support individuals’ spiritual well-being
Provide opportunities that facilitate and support spiritual well-being
Evaluate and report on work that relates to spiritual well-being
do you think people working in health and social care should be able to offer to pray for a client?
Ofsted Definition of Spiritual Development:
The training of good human beings, purposeful and wise, with a vision with what it is to be human
and the kind of society that makes possible.
Introduction to
Objectives for today
Define a personal understanding of spirituality
Consider that all human beings are spiritual regardless of age of faith
Identify attitudes to children's and young people's spirituality that need challenging
Apply a framework to assess our own approach to nurturing spirituality
Aim of the Session
To explore the meaning of Spirituality
What are the BIG questions that children and young people ask?
Paying Attention to Spiritual Needs
Group Activity
When have you experienced these needs in your own life?
How do you usually respond to your own needs?

Think about a time when you found a particularly meaningful way to meet one of these spiritual needs.

How do you think a group of people engaged in theological reflection could meet each other’s spiritual needs effectively?
List some of the ways.
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