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star wars

No description

KayleeMarie cummings

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of star wars

Prezi By: KayleeMarie K. Cummings
Main Character
Jedi Mace Windu
Jedi Anakan Skywalker
Jedi Plo Koon
Jedi Padawan Ahoka Tano
Boba Fett
R-2 D-2
Jedi Mace Windu killed Jango Fett
Boba Fett wants revenge and kill Mace Windu so he goes undercover as a cadet named "Lucky"
"Lucky" sneaks off to explod Mace's head quarters and Mace doesn't die so Boba desteries the whole Endurance
when the Endurance is falling apart all the cadets rush to escape pods, Boba gets in with Hotshot, Jax, and Whiplash
When the cadets are hurdling through space they lose conrol of the pod and this ship starts pulling them in once they were sucked in and attached, the pod door opened, and there they were
Star Wars
Middle pt.2
Aurra and Bossk were standing on the other side of the escape pod when Aurra saw that Boba had bin with others she told Boba to get on bord or die with the rest then he walked abord and Aurra sent them off into the unknown of space
Meanwhile Anakan and Mace blast off on they're starfighters and they followed the debries of the endurence to the suface of Vanqor
Jedi Mace Windu kills Jango Fett, Boba Fett's dad and now Boba wants revenge...
Boba Fett goes under cover as a cadet named Lucky
"Lucky" sneaks off away from the cadets to get revenge and try to kill Mace Windu by exploding his head quarters
After failing to do so he destroies the whole Enderance
Once Jedi Anakan and Jedi Mace reached the surface they checked out the Endurance they got trapped inside while being trapped they tried to call R-2 and finally he came
"R-2 I need you to go get help" and so R-2 left to go get help on his way leaving to ship he ran into trouble Aurra, Bossk, Castas, and Boba were looking for Mace's body so they could get money
Places in the book
Middle Pt.4
Middle Pt.3
So when R-2 saw that it was them he dropped debries on they're heads so they got stuck
Meanwhile R-2 left and when she was heading to the starfighter and he ran into some more trouble, a Gundark and the Gundark started to attack and he destroyed the starfighter so R-2 had to use Mace's starfighter
He set concordants for the Jedi Cruiser
Middle Pt.5
Once R-2 reached the Jedi Cruiser he told Ahoka Tano that Anakan and Mace were trapped on Vanqor and needed help
Jedi Plo ordered the clones to ready the gun ships
Once they reached Vanqor they used the force to free them
After that they went back to the Jedi Cruiser, when they were there they got s hologram of Aurra And Boba, Boba demanded to talk to Mace Windu but did not give a location
Since Mace was to injured Plo went instead along with Ahsoka Tano
Middle Pt.6
They had to figure out the location of them and they figured that they would be on Floorum Since thats were all Jango Fett's buddys' live
Meanwhile Castas was having second thoughts and so Aurra dropped him off on Floorum
At the same time the Jedi headed to Floorum, they looked in many bars until they found the one they were at, at first they walked in and Plo told Ahsoka to be steady and blend in and not to talk while Plo went to go check it out
While he was doing that Ahsoka was ease dropping on a conversation that Aurra had killed Castas after his atempt to tell some secrets about her, and the men figured out that she was ease dropping and they started a gun fight and then Plo and Ahaoka drew they're light sabers
After that Aurra found them and took Plo in the back room and sat him down while Ahaoka waited outside then Boba came out unsuspectingly with a blaster pointed at Plo's head, at that moment Ahaoka drew her light saber and attacked Boba and a whole battle started
There was shooting and swinging and when Mace was aiming for Aurra, Boba got in the way and Mace pushed him down
Mace Winu told Boba to come with him peacefuly and everything will be alright and of cores Boba does not go
So Mace had to capsure him while Ahaoka was behind a table getting shot at by Aurra
after they took Boba back to the Jedi cruiser and put him in jail
Title Pageish
Adapted by Jason Fry
Illustrated by Wayne Lo
Science Fiction
I think my book is Science Fiction because it has holo grams, traveling to unknown planets and traveling through hiper speed through space it also has unreal creatures in it and that is why my book s Science Fiction
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