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Adams Presidency

No description

Scott Phillips

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Adams Presidency

John Adams (1797-1801)
Election of 1796
Alien and Sedition Acts
Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions
Adams/Pinckney (Federalists) vs. Burr/Jefferson (Republicans)
Constitution didn't think parties would happen. Ppl could vote for any two candidates on a ticket but top two still became Prez/VP.
Adams-71 Electoral votes
Adams swears to stay neutral in foreign affairs (like GW)
XYZ Affair & Quasi-War
French upset w/Jay Treaty (it's pro-GB)
They break alliance w/ US and start capturing US ships
Fall 1797-Adams sends diplomats to France to negotiate
3 French agents claim the French will stop if given a $250,000 bribe and a $12 mill. loan
US diplomats report the bribe to Adams (called X, Y, and Z so the names wouldn't be revealed in newspapers)
US citizens are outraged!
Congress sends soldiers and ships to the French Caribbean (not officially a war)
Newspapers begin to criticize Adams
US not united on what to do
Federalists- Go to war!
Republicans- Pro-French mobs form near White House
1798- Congress passes Sedition Act- Conspiracy and criticism against the Prez. is illegal!
Also pass Alien Acts
Prez can deport non-citizens during war-time
Citizenship changed from 5 yrs. to 14yrs of US residency
Both violate Constitution!
Madison/Jefferson want to challenge ruling but Congress and judges are mostly Federalists
Instead, they get KY and VA to pass state resolutions which nullify (cancel) Alien and Sedition
Brings up idea that states can bypass federal laws
1799- Adams avoids war. France asks for peace talks again. Quasi-War over.
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