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Science - Change Detectives - Lesson 2

No description

Edward Carter

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Science - Change Detectives - Lesson 2

Lesson Two. Science - Term 1, 2013 Revisit the Mess Scene... What happened to the melted chocolate and frozen milk?

Go back to your:
- photographic images
- sketches
- notes in your Science Journals

What did you observe?
What changes took place?
Could the changes be reversed?
Describe the following...
- non-melted chocolate button
- glass of milk

In groups, apply your understandings of physical changes by discussing how a frozen milk cube and a melted chocolate button may be returned to their original states.

Time permitting: list other substances that melt. Are those substances able to be returned to their original states? How? Why not? Design... Your first Science/Technology challenge is to design a way to make an ice cube melt as fast as possible.

1. establish rules and boundaries for all groups involved (to keep it fair)
2. in groups, brainstorm ideas
3. record all ideas in your Science Journals
4. decide which idea your group is going to work on
5. list materials/resources your group needs
6. set up a page in your Science Journals with the following headings...
* Predict
* Reason
* Observe
* Explain

Now...go! Be active scientist by testing and recording what happens. Melting and Evaporating. Physical Changes Part 1 Testing if melted or frozen objects may be returned to their original states. Analyse: Evaluate: (write what you think will happen) (write why you think this will happen) (what did happen?) (why do you think it happened this way?)
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