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Writing a Powerful Hook

No description

David Keck

on 23 March 2018

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Transcript of Writing a Powerful Hook

Hooking Your Reader
“Hook” the reader with...
1. A Shocking Fact
2. A Challenging Question
3. A Bold Claim
4. A Dramatic Description
5. A Powerful Story
Fish Don't Just Jump in Your Boat
You need to hook them!
Grab your reader's attention.
Show you have style & imagination.
"Picture a world without wild creatures where the wilderness is empty, and the only animals are locked up in zoos."
(Wildlife needs to be protected.)
A person who carries a gun is
nearly five times

likely to be shot than an unarmed man.
(Carrying a gun as self defense may not be such a good idea).
On the evening of April 14, 1865, the most murderous war in American history had been over for five days. The Confederates had surrendered, and President Lincoln sat down in Ford's Theatre to laugh along with a popular comedy. With the lights low and the play going on, a famous actor stepped into Lincoln's booth with a loaded gun.
(The Lincoln assassination).
Anyone who wears clothing made in a third world country has blood on their hands.
(Clothing companies treat foreign workers badly).
Why eat the beef and drive the cars and burn the fuel when we know we're killing
(We should conserve energy to stop global warming).
Oh. And write your hook last. It's much easier when you really know what you're writing about. Even on an exam, you can leave a line or two to come back and write your hook.
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