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Tendances globales du web

Intent in the cloud

Nicolas DEBOCK

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of Tendances globales du web

Facebook is a social Browser Big Data Recomandation engine
Social Curation Content Farm Profile centric network User Generated Content Display Search Push Question & Answer Quora The Cloud Stack Commerce Enterprise SaaS Online/offline
B2B / B2C / C2C Platform strategy :
let other develop app and service on top of you
More are less loose platform contraint
End of the URL ==> f(x)Store (x = App, data, tool) Platform specific tools :
ecommerce inside facebook
community management
Marketing Audience, Audience Audience Web trends and Business Model The Cloud Twitter
force.com Salesforce, netsuite
computing power
bandwith... Content/Media SOCIAL MOBILE Game Advertising
Monetizing Purchase Intent
Selling Leads The web is a database email
Group buying
Social Mobile Local Youtube
Facebook realtime Platform From ONE Internet to some InternetS Users organize information
Pearltrees / scoop it Le check-in
Group buying
Social commerce
Offline world through mobile All the regular enterprise software
moving to the cloud Per user
Pay as you use
No maintenance, always updated eveything is a query away
Improve algorythm
The step toward the semantic web A web of things The plug to the cloud
the last mile swiss army knife
link between the physical word and the online word
the computer of the poor new platforms for games (mobile, social)
Game mechanics coming in other service A diaspora of interset CPC ==> CPA
Affiliation is King Quantifying
Check-in ATAWAD Bulding information silos outside of the corporations Social currency / score
Real Time Brand Identity 2.0 API Chief Marketing Technologist news inside FB
Photo sharing
VIdeo viewing
Specific Facebook site $$$ $$ but low margin $$ but demand stronger than offer $$$
Marché BiFace Business Model :
Freemium Attention economy Intention economy Community management Social currency Identité Professional content Newspaper
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