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Md. Jahirul Islam Josy

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY

Company background
Keya Cosmetics Ltd is the corporate brand
It incorporated in the year 1996.
Keya super beauty soap founded in 1997
Keya super beauty soap is a renowned Brand in Bangladesh as well as in India.

Competitive Analysis
Over the years, Lux has covered various
aspects of beauty and stardom
From their profit, they spend
approximately 20%-25% on
communications sector

SWOT Analysis
Branding For Keya Super Beauty Soap
Thank you!
Submitted To
Zarjina Tarana Khalil (ZTK)
Facuty Member
North South University

Submitted By
Md. Fahad Hossain #111-0408-030
Maisha Samiha Rahman #111-0434-030
Faria Ejaj #111-0559-530
Sadia Nawshin Kabir #111-1024-030
Md. Tanim H. Faruquie #112-0021-030
Sarjeel Ahmed #112-0201-030
Md. Saquib Mahmud #112-0367-030

Strategic Brand Management
Group Presentation

Analysis of current situation
Corporate Logo
Variants Name
Keya Super Beauty Soap (White, Pink & Green )
Keya Super Lemon Soap
Current Used Communications
Very much popular around 2000-2006 when they advertised using mass media frequently.
Mostly communication in the past was TVC, Newspaper ads, Sponsor of renowned dramas and shows etc
Sponsoring the most popular TV show – Ittadi

Advertisement Newspaper Ad
Distribution Channel
Target Market
Basically targeting the urban and sub urban middle class people which are the largest part of Bangladeshi population,
They are targeting women.
Brand Positioning
To gain position in the buyers’ mind through better product attributes, price and quality
It provides a unique fragrance different from competitors

Meril Splash Beauty Soap will give you
the experience of freshness like no other
All of the soaps have the main ingredient of Green Tea

• Many Variants (Pink, White, Lemon, Green)
• Known brand
• Fully automated machine
• Trained and skilled employee
• Good network
lack of unisex appeal
• Only considers making soap for beauty purpose
• Low Brand awareness
• Weak distribution channel
• Stock out problem

• High Internal competition (Meril, Aeromatics)
• New Entrants (Lilly, Camelia)
• Foreign brands (LUX, Dove)
• Technological changes makes the existing products obsolete
• Keya super beauty soap should focus on technological innovations like body wash


Soap industry is growing
• More promotions to increase the sales
• Line extension - like natural herbal soap, etc.
• Level of servicing is high during sales promotion scheme- this could be brought down
• Strong distribution network to increase the product availability

Key points we found
Not in Top of Mind brand
Not a Top choice of consumers
Positioned is based on the fragrance & price not on the quality
Does not have different flavour
Target market is middle class and now it’s popular among lower class people
After 2010 there is no new TVC
Logo is little bit conventional compared to others
Packaging is not attractive

Keya’s Target Audience and Market

Demographic/Socio-Economic segmentation

Social economic class (SEC)
Middle class
Upper middle class
Upper class

Employment status
Purpose of use

Brand Elements
Reflects The Nature
Butterfly signifies the “feminine nature” of the soap
Green represents the nature

Our Logo is
Nature represented by
Color Change according to Variety

Based on our TARGET MARKET (female)
Logo can be used to any feminine
products in case of brand extension
Logo will be registered

Different Soap solving Different Skin Type Problems
Different soap with different Fragrances

Beauty Soap
Promotional Tools
Keya super Beauty Soap presents
‘Jaagoron’ Concert celebrating 40
years of Victory

Event Sponsorship
Integrated Marketing Communication
Electronic Media
NTV-ATN-BTV-RTC-ETV-Radio and so on
Print Media
Proyhom Alo-Jugantor-Bangladesh Protidin
Internet and Social Media
Official Website
Outdoor Media
Bill Board
Airport link roads
Commercial areas
Areas with high traffic congestion

Our posters will include our brand characters, logo, tagline, price and the benefits. Some will have our celebrity ambassadors.
Shopping Malls
Departmental Stores
Beauty Parlor
We will set our balloon at some trade fair and in the Hotel Sheraton junction
Personal selling ideas
Across the Counter Selling
Door-to-Door Selling
Handling objections
Closing the sale

Public relation Ideas
Help Local Organizations
Local News
Press Releases
Public Appearances
Public Speaking
Mixture of Media
Location of media
Brand Development Index
Percentage of Dhaka population to the Bangladesh population is 47% and the percentage of Dhaka sales of Keya Beauty Soap to the sales of entire Bangladesh is 65%.
Hence the BDI of Keya Beauty Soap for Dhaka = (65%/47%)*100 = 138.3

Category Development Index
Percentage of Dhaka population to the Bangladesh population is 47% and the percentage of Dhaka sales of Keya Beauty Soap to the sales of entire Bangladesh is 70%.
Hence the CDI of Keya Beauty Soap for Dhaka= (70%/47%)*100 = 149

Media Objective (SMART)

“To achieve a 20% growth in sales by December 2014”
Media strategy development and implementation
Media Mix
Target market coverage
Geographic Coverage
Reach vs. Frequency
We believe that we are going to obtain “Duplicated Reach” & “Unduplicated Reach”. We will place the same ad in different media vehicle in same time so that we can capture all of our targeting customers.
We will comprise some ingredient such as freshness, love, joy to build the ad memorable. We will make use of the best media vehicle to grab the potential consumers. We consider that we are attaining high number of exposed in the specific period of time
Measures of the potential reach
• Program rating
• Cost and Efficiency
• Mental Imagery

Gross Rating Point (GRP)
Target Rating Point (TRP)

We chose media vehicles according to our product so that the creativity is increased by creating moods of natural, purity, originality, healthy -happy lifestyle and lower price with greater value among target market.
Creativity & Mood

Market opportunities
Market Threats
Availability of media

We think the above stated promotional plan will lead Keya Beauty Soap to boost up sales and thus be the most desirable and wanted soap for the people once again who seek for a natural, beautiful smelt and flavor, healthy, and low price with better quality product. But to reach their first of all they should follow the defined steps and perform each and every tasks according to guideline under the monitoring of the agency people for product’s sure success in near future.


We will evaluate on the basis of:
• Target market reach
• Achievement of objectives
The IMC campaign for Keya Beauty Soap will cover 360 degree of a marketing plan for their branding. Hopefully this plan will fulfill all of its objectives and help Keya Super Beauty Soap to capture the target market in Bangladesh.

Various events and seminars

Brand Ambasador
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