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Fort Washington

Riley and Luci's presentation.

Luci Ostheimer

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Fort Washington

The Battle
Fort Washington By Riley Cappiello and Luci Ostheimer When: Saturday, November 16, 1776 Where: Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York British: The goal: to conquer New York by capturing Fort Washington. The British's Goal:
To conquer New York by capturing Fort Washington The Colonists: The Goal: To defend the fort from the British Why was Fort Washington so valuable? Fort Washington was important because if Britain were to conquer it, it would give them full control over New York due to the majority of the colonists being Loyalists. It also had very good natural defense. George Washington and Robert Magaw were the commanders while defending the fort. The British commanders were Sr. William Howe and Wilhelm von Knyhauson. The British were at a big advantage because they had enlisted soldiers from Prussia called Hessians. Hessian were skilled mercenaries hired by Britain. They had hard metal helmets and were very good with bayonets. They would ruthlessly kill anyone who would stand in their way. On the other hand, the colonists fighting in the Continental Army were disorganized and had little training, putting the Colonies at a great is advantage. The Battle Strategies The Colonists: They didn't have a strategy. They were trying to defend the fort as best they could. They had been, however been expecting reinforcements to arrive and help them. The British: They planned to take When the Americans heard about the British's plan to attack, they were very alarmed and discouraged. They only stayed because Nathaniel Greene convinced George Washington that it was in their best interest to defend the fort. They sent for reinforcements. They sent for reinforcements. The British were able to cut off the reinforcements, thus isolating the Patriots. The stormed Fort Washington and were victorious with 68 dead and 335 wounded. They Americans suffered 56 deaths and 2858 (with more than 1000 wounded). During the battle, a woman saw her husband dead. She was so angry that she started shooting at the British with his rifle and loading the canons, which led to other women doing the same. When the British saw the broken colonists after the surrender, they were shocked. It gave them a new perspective of the war and all the effects it had on people. The Battle of Fort Washington was very important because the colonists lost not only the fort, but the whole colony of New York to Britain since it was the last place that Patriots still had control of. It also hurt the colonists' moral since they had been losing so many other battles against the British. Citations:
britishbattles.com Thank You! The Patriot's Goal:
Defend the Fort from the British at all costs Cliff Hudson River Fort Washington
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