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The Cobbinah's

No description

Nana njmh

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of The Cobbinah's

(where they lived?)
We have just discovered this new species called the Cobbinah's. This new group of ''humans'' are really different because in the day, they lived on the land and in the night they lived on the water by using boats and ships. During the upper Paleolithic age in present day Ghana, in Volta region. They lived in long homes in the day, about 3-4 families in one home. On the water, they lived boats and ships. They lived about 50miles from other civilization so they mostly keep to themselves. They hunted, fished and grew everything they ate. There were no signs of trauma on the remains from this we can determine they died from natural causes from this, we can infer that they were a peaceful civilization. They were also a sedentary civilization.
The Cobbinah's were very spiritual group. We discovered some artifact of their gods carved out of the wood. The god of creation was named Dubem. They believed he is the almighty god, designer and creator of all living things and he was worthy of their praise. We also discovered the cobbinah's believed they were gifted with powers from the goddness Freyah because they were able to do things that others species couldn't do example the Cobbinah's liked sleeping on water instead of the land by using boats and ships .
The main hardship the cobbinah's faced were their lack of tools because they lived in the west coast of africa, their were not many with things avaliable to them at the time. They had to work with things they found in the water or in the jungle.
Image by Tom Mooring
The Cobbinah's
Effects on Society
The cobbinah's had a huge affect on Ghanaian culture, for example ; the cobbinah's were known for giving their children middle name depending on the day they were born, for example if you are a boy and you where born on monday your name would be Kojo and the girl name would be Adjoa.Which Ghanaians still practice today. Also, the cobbinah's grow alot yaws and cassavas, which many Ghanaians enjoy to eat today. Also the "Azonto" dance that many Africans enjoy doing, dates back all the way to the cobbinah's time.
Why the society vanished;
There was a famine going on in africa and food was growing scarre in their specific region. The fish they used to catch stopped coming to their sea. Eventually , the elders started to practice canniblism and they ate the young people of the village. Since their were no young people to preserve the culture and the lauguage, the civilization eventually died out
Their way of life:
No artifacts indicating they went to school so they were most likely illiterate , but they were many hieroglyphics on the wall, indicating they used these to communicate. Women were the head of the household. Men stayed for their family. The ''elders'' of the village were also women dressed in royal clothing while speaking to other villagers with authority was discovered.
Religious belief/customs:
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