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Pollution Abatement Strategy

No description

Courtney Gilbert

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Pollution Abatement Strategy

Pollution Abatement Strategy
Thanks for Coming!
We are a group of University students promoting environmental awareness.
Get the Facts:
Research Results:
Ecological Impacts
By not meeting national water quality standards we risk harming local marine species. (eg. lobster, bass, flounder, mussels and clams).
Health Impacts
Considering the potential for flooding,allowing raw sewage to flow into our harbour directly threatens public safety.
Did You Know?
Parrsboro is contributing to the nation's largest source of water pollution:
Raw Sewage
Trillion liters of
wastewater are dumped
Canadian waters!
Raw Sewage Pipe
Parrsboro's Wharf
Did You Know?
You Know:
Parrsboro NEEDS to clean up their Act!
There are federal laws in place regarding the treatment of raw sewage.
The 'Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations'
is required regularly
volume of raw sewage
quality of raw sewage
installed monitoring equipment
Jan. 1st 2013
We were unable to obtain any records from the Town of Parrsboro indicating they have followed these regulations...
Important Dates:
Deadline to apply for
'Transitional Authorizations'
Effluent quality standards and limits to TA's are enforced.
June 30th 2014-
January 1st 2015-

Case Study: Halifax Harbour
Case Study: Boston Harbour
Economic Impacts
The health and safety of our citizens and environment should be PRIORITY
We took samples from two locations in Parrsboro's tidal river, the results are alarming...
but first...
Section 3.2.1
of the
Sewer Discharge By-Law states that:
Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations
No Person shall discharge
Wastewater of which the BOD exceeds 300 mg/L
States that:
CBOD cannot exceed
The Results:
CBOD Levels
raw sewage
638 mg/L
This is
the legal limit.
ocean water
1020 mg/ L
This is
the legal limit.
Fecal Coliform
Fecal coliform are harmful bacteria that originate in feces.
Both the
raw sewage
sample and the
ocean water
sample were found to have
too many
fecal colonies to count.
This means
that the number can range from:
10's of thousands
10's of MILLIONS
Contaminated water
can negatively affect these species by causing:
reproduction problems
susceptibility to disease
Contaminated Area
The dark shaded area indicates contamination, this covers the
entire Parrsboro Harbour.
This has serious implications for Ecological, Health and Economic sectors in Parrsboro.
Contact with water contaminated by feces can cause a number of contagious illnesses, such as:
E.coli, gastroenteristis, cholera, dysentery, hepatitus A, and typhoid.
Contaminated water can negatively effect Parrsboro in regards to tourism and fishing industries.
Parrsboro's harbour is directly affected by pollution, which degrades the beauty and recreational purposes of our beaches.
Every improvement to water quality will improve fishing activity and economy.
A study of marine species discovered that lobsters, mussels and flounder have significant levels of heavy metals and contaminants in their fatty tissues.
In Atlantic Canada, most shellfishery closures are caused by bacterial pollution. Sewage harms shellfish, especially mussels and clams, which feed by filtering water.
As a direct result of bacterial contamination the harvesting of these bivalves in the entire Halifax Harbour has been permanently closed since 1965.
Used to be considered the most contaminated harbour in North America due to insufficient sewage treatment.
After being ordered by federal legislation, upgrades to primary and secondary treatment as well as source control were installed.
As a direct result, Boston Harbour saw the return of porpoises, 8 miles of recreational beaches safe for swimming, recreational fishing and a $15 million dollar annual lobster and shellfish industry.
Moving Forward
Our goal is to help implement wastewater treatment for the Town of Parrsboro.
Potential Facilities
Amherst and Maccan have both installed aerated lagoons.
In conclusion
"I think your project is a good one and I will do what I can to support you"
There is preliminary, primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.
-MP Scott Armstrong
"I really do think that we should have a sewage treatment plan, the town should have done this years ago"
-Ed Gilbert
"I want to help all municiplaities comply with any federal regulations. In doing so I will work with the Town of Parrsboro to obtain any available funding."
-MLA Jamie Bailie
"Parrsboro has a special obligation to minimize its contaminiation of the waters which are so vital to our area. While the installation of an effective sewage treatment plant will be a costly initiave, it is neccessary to be done as soon as possible; delay will mean increased costs in the future".
Local Environmentalist,
Harriet McCready
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