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My Nephew Photo Album

No description

Payton Patane

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of My Nephew Photo Album

My Nephew Photo Album
(LT and ALBIE)

On OCTOBER 8th, 2011 my nephew Anthony Legacy "LT" for Little Tony was born. That was one of the happiest days of my life because i knew that this little guy was going to look up to me for what he needed aside from his parents. At first I was not around as much because of crazy schedule with my job, school, and dance. It was hard to find that good balance between spending time with my family, our new addition and my schooling plus work.
But a couple months went by and I started getting my schedule together and just whenever I had some free time, that is when I would spend it with my sister, brother-in-law and "CHUBBA". Just seeing his face and how fast he was growing made me realize that he would not know who I was unless I was there. And that was not what i wanted, when i found out my sister was pregnant. I did not want to just be around once or twice a month, I wanted my nephew to know who his Auntie PayPay was and not be scared or shy away from me.
This kid just keeps growing and growing fast. LT is full of energy all the time, unless he needs a nap then he looks just so sad and it makes you want to cry and laugh at the same. Nowadays whenever LT is over at my house and I happen to be here it's PayPay come, help, up, ice cream "num num", yogurt "gurt gurt", in his words or lock. He loves ice cream, yogurt and also ketchup but he is a kid. Also LT has this fixation with locking things and it just so happens that when he see's me he wants to go lock my car. He also loves going swimming and playing at the park which is just so cute because when at the park he wants to be a big boy and sit on the big swing and says PayPay push. And I am pleased to do it and anything he happens to ask me because I get to see him be happy and have the time of his life with his adorable smile.
This little guy loves the water and swimming in the pool, along with his toys. He has to have his buckets, shovels and cups. Playing with LT in the pool has got me not to worry so much about my fear of water. Which has made my mom happy cause I'm not so "white" as she likes to say. But over all spending time with him has changed my life in many ways, which in return has made me a better person. And now along with LT we have his new baby brother Albie who has some big shoes to fill all thanks to his big brother. But so far Albie has done some funny and cute things in the past 6 months he has been apart of our growing family.
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