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The challenges of building the CPR

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Sima Jia

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of The challenges of building the CPR

Why the CPR was built?
Geographical Challenge- Building the bridge
Many challenges were faced during and after the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, but we have to say that without the CPR, British Columbia might have become an American state, and the Canadian Prairie Provinces might well have been settled by people from Montana and the Dakotas. So we should appreciate the CPR since it is an essential to help Canada to be a unified nation and to become what it is now.

Develop business and make profits
CPR Company became active in promoting trade in the pacific.
The first train on the west coast arrived in 1886
By 1891, CPR Company purchased 3 ocean passenger cargo vessels, forerunners of the present-day fleet
Challenge after the completion of the CPR
Many Bridges were built to help the train cross the rivers
Many labors died during the constructions of the bridges
The Canadian Pacific Railway was built to unite Canada and fulfill the promise that John A. Macdonald made to
the Colony of British Columbia
in 1871 since the government of BC insisted upon a transport that link to the East within ten years as
a condition for joining the confederation
of Canada and to increase its population and stimulate its economy growth.
Also MacDonald thought that the CPR is
an essential to the creation of a strong, unified and prosperous nation of Canada

since some provinces were geographically isolated and the large gaps in the railway system prevented trades from growing, otherwise Canada will be taken over by America.

The Challenges of Building the CPR
In 1872, Sir Hugh Allan financed an election for the Conservative Party, in return, he was promised with the contract of the CPR.
George Etienne Cartier hinted that MacDonald got paid from Hugh, therefore the Conservative Party resigned.
Political Challenge- Pacific Scandal
Political Challenge- Pacific Scandal -Liberal Approach
The Liberal Party took control of the government and stopped the construction of the CPR
BC was against Alexander Mackenzie (the leader of the Liberal Party)
Surveys for all alternative routes of the CPR were sent out by the Department of Public Work which was led by Stanford Fleming
John A MacDonald 's re-election
In 1878, John A MacDonald was re-elected as the Prime Minister of Canada.
McDonald's government signed a contract with a private company that was unrelated to Hugh for the construction of the CPR.
On February 15, legislation confirming the contract received royal assent, in following day, the CPR Company was formed.
Financial Challenge
Greatly out of budget
Exempt from property tax for 20 years
Saving Budget
Importing Chinese Labors
Thousand of Chinese Labors were imported
Work hard, long and cheap.
Was discriminated.
Was assigned the most dangerous job suc as working with explosives.
Families of those killed worker did not receive compensation or being notified of the deaths.
Many of those survived workers did not have enough money to go home.
Geographical Challenge- leading to the discovery of Rogers pass
BC is mountainous including Canadian Rockies, Selkirk Mountains, Cassier Mountains ,etc;.
The job of finding a pass that link to BC was assigned to Bowman Rogers.
Bowman Rogers
Rogers Pass
Discovered on May 28, 1981
Named in Bowman Rogers' honor
Bowman Rogers was awarded $5,000 and a gold watch
Geographical challenge- Route crossing Blackfoot tribe' s Land
A missionary priest named Albert Lacombe convinced the Blackfoot Chief, Crowfoot to accept the railway.
Crowfoot was given a lifetime pass to ride the railway
Albert Lacombe
Saskatoon Bridge
Stoney Creek Bridge

By: Sima Jia
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