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Lost In the Pacific, 1942

No description

Brian Koonts

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Lost In the Pacific, 1942

Lost In The Pacific, 1942
-Col. Eddie Rickenbacker: WWI flying ace
and racecar driver, he is sent on the plane with
important messages
-Col. Hans Adamson: Rickenbackers escort
-Cpt. Bill Cherry: The pilot
-Lt. Jim Whittaker: The copilot
-Lt. John DeAngelis: The navigator
-Sgt. James Reynolds: The radioman
-Sgt. Alex Kaczmarczyk (referred to as Sgt.Alex):
The engineer
-Pvt. Johnny Bartek: Another engineer
Plot, cont.
-Sgt. Alex is the worst off, pale and
occasionally hallucinating
-He declines sharply, soon dying. He is given a
sea burial by his crewmates
-Sgt. Alex's death is a major hit to the morale. The
crew slowly begins to despair.
-After what seems like ages at sea, the crew spots an
American OS2U Kingfisher seaplane. They frantically
try to signal it, but fail.

Plot, cont., cont.
-Whittaker, Reynolds and DeAngelis find a small, uninhabited island. They set up a small camp to spend the night.
-Rickenbacker, Adamson, and Bartek are found by a
seaplane, who helps take them back to the Funafuti
marine base.
-Whittaker, Reynolds DeAngelis are recued by
natives of Nukufetau Island, a kiwi (New
Zealand) radio base.
About The Author
Tod Olson is the author of the series of historical fiction books
How To Get Rich.
He currently works as an editor and lives with his family in Vermont.
Main Characters
-The B-17 bomber they were flying in overshoots their refueling
station, and they begin running out of fuel.
-Every member of the crew is searching the sea frantically, looking for an island to land on.

Rising action
-The plane goes down
-The crew brings with them 3 rafts (2 full-size, 1 2-man), some fishing
gear and line, a flare gun, a pistol, 2 oranges, and a bible.
-The crew floats for days, slowly eating the oranges and occasionally
attempting to fish or signal somebody with the flare gun
-After a week at sea, Rickenbacker catches a bird that landed
on his hat. They eat it and use its guts for bait, catching several
fish to eat.
-After the fish run out, they slowly decline in condition.
They all have lost weight and are riddled with
sunburns and salt blisters.
-Capt. Cherry demands to leave on his own,
despite Rickenbacker's orders not to. Unlike
prior attempts, he is successful in
Falling Action
-The crew is reunited on
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