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The Island on Bird Street

No description

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Island on Bird Street

The title of the book comes from Alex's location. When the Nazi soldiers begin evacuating his Jewish ghetto, Alex escapes the parade and does exactly what his father tells him: to seek refuge in the ruined building on Bird Street. The street used to be covered in an extreme amount of trees that housed an amazing number of birds, and they named the street after them. Alex describes his hideout like the Island Robinson Crusoe lived upon. Thus, The Island on Bird street.
Author- Uri Orlev
Uri Orlev is the author of The
Island on Bird Street. He grew
up in a concentration camp
himself, when his mother was
killed by the Nazis. Everything
worked out for him in the end, he is now living in Jerusalem with his wife and three kids. He was awarded the 1981 Mordechai Bernstein Award for "Island on Bird Street." That is a big honor for children's literature.

Theme and Main Idea
The theme of this book is hope and courage. Alex's dad doesn't come back for him, but Alex still has hope that he will come back. Throughout the Holocaust, many people had to show extreme bravery and courage.

Main Characters
Alex is a brave 11 year old boy who is intelligent and quick thinking. Alex's knowledge is what keeps him alive during his time alone in the ghetto. His optimistic personality and love for his family keeps him driven with hope to keep fighting. Alex's compassion and hope is a true inspiration to all people to keep going in difficult times.
The Island on Bird Street
Title meaning
"The Island on Bird Street" was published in 1981.
Connection With History
This book connects with history because it shows the struggle throughout the Holocaust and what people had to go through. Alex is a Jew living in Poland who doesn't have parents there to support him. This wasn't very rare to happen to children during the holocaust.
In this story, Alex is left alone when his Jewish ghetto is evacuated. Alex spends many long months alone in a deserted building. Alex must learn to fend for himself while keeping hidden from looters and Nazi police officers. He is forced so spend days searching for food and materials in other abandoned homes. Alex must grow up and learn to protect himself during his lonely days in his bunker on Bird Street.
Opinion of the Book
We thought the book was pretty good. Though
it had a lot of detail, there wasn't a lot of action.
A lot of the time it was just Alex talking to his pet
mouse. We would like to have more excitement.
The Island on Bird Street really captured the
struggle that people, especially children, went
through while living in the Jewish Ghetto.

Plot Details

Alex is really the only main character in the story. Other characters come and go through out the story, but the majority of the book is Alex alone in the building.
By: Julia Rapai and Hailey Martin
The story begins with Alex and his father living together in a Jewish Ghetto. One day, Nazis arrive to evacuate the ghetto. Following the instructions of his father and his friend, Boruch, Alex escapes the line and Boruch sacrifices his life so Alex can escape to the deserted building near by. Alex goes on, waiting for his father's return. When his father doesn't come back, Alex must save himself by looking for food in abandoned homes, escaping looters hunting for goods in the ghetto, and keep out of sight from the polish police. Alex saves many people, including a young girl being kidnapped and a wounded man and his best friend. One day, after months of living alone, he hears his father's voice in the building telling a man the story of how his son was shot at the house. Alex emerges, and shows his father that he is not dead, and he and his father are finally reunited.
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