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Nikhita Singh

on 21 October 2013

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“We are not afraid to die…. If we can all be together” BY-GORDAN COOK AND ALAN EAST
Captain James Cook, FRS, RN (7 November 1728 [NB 1] – 14 February 1779)was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer who ultimately rose to the rank of captain in the Royal Navy.
It is a story
of a family
who faced
an adventurous


Captain Narrator
Mary Captain's Wife
Jonathan Captain's Son
Suzzane Captain's Daughter
Larry Vigil Crew Man
Herb Seigler Crew Man
Introduction Of Family Members
Narrator:-A man of great courage , commitment andconviction .proved to be the best captain as well as the bestfather with upending gift and determination.
Marry :- A wife who always stood by her husband side Inall times of difficulty and consider her dreams as her own.
Suzanne:-She was a brave girl .Her bravery,toughened her father’s resolve to fight the sea’s strong storm tooth and nail.
Jonathan :-Jonathan shows of bravery and his fearlessness in the face of the death highlights his characters .He rejuvenated the hope of his father by remarking - “We are not afraid to die if we can all be together."
On July 1976 they sailed for journey to world voyage .They tried to duplicate the round the world voyage made 20 year earlier by James Cook in their professionally ship- The WAVEWALKER.
First leg of the journey-->They pleasantly sailed down from west coast of Africa to Cape Town.--> Then further they sailed to southern Indian ocean. First sign of implementing disaster-->They faced encountered strong wind on second day ofcapetown and was continued for few weeks.-->Waves rised to 15m long as high as mast.Disaster and its aftermath-->6p.m Teremendous explosion shock the deck and powerful flow of water broke over the ship.--> Wavewalker was getting sunk and captain was badly injured.--> Captain kept courage and found the wheel and lind up the stern for next wave.Crew men shows off the unparalled strength -->They started pumping out water and settled to make neccesory repairs to save the boat from shinking . --> They managed to stretch canvas and secure water proof hatch cover across gaping holes.Others problem arose-->electric pump short circuit .-->Water level rose threateningly.-->Daughter Suzanne was badly injured. Only hope for the captain->to reach the island ,which was only possible if the wind will slow down .To reach amsterdam , which is few 100 kms to the East.
Showing off the exemplory courage->Jonathan said “WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO DIE IF WE CAN ALL BE TOGETHER."->Jonathan courage and Suzzane's bravery instead of her bumped head inpired the captain to fight the sea and protect his family.
Crucial days (jan 4-5)-->after 36 hours of continuous pumping there was only few water left.->They hoisted the storm jib and headed in direction of two island.->Black clouds built at 4:00 p.m and sea was getting its waves higher.Safe at last-->on Jan 6 they saw “Wavewalker” ride outstorm and wind eased.->They expected to see the island at 5:00p.m but they wake up at 6:00 p.m and thought they missed the island.->But they were wrong and they touched the shore at ILE AMSTERDAM.

Significance of the title
The title is taken from the Jonathan’s remark – “We Are Not Afraid To Die If We Can All Be Together”.
It brings out the bravery ,grit and courage of the captains family and love each member has for other’s.

Human nature of knowing and taking onchallenges.
Human instinct for survival.
Human bravery , grit,courage unity and determination which in this story is exhibited even by small children.
Faith in one’s optimism ,not dispairing hope even in difficult circumstances and sharp presence of mind.
Instrumental qualities of a captain which proved journey successful even after strong hurdles.
2.Describe the mental conditions of the voyagers on 4 and 5 January.
ans)The author tried to assure his children that they would make it.However, the author and his wife felt that the end was very near. The notable thing was that the children were not afraid to die as long they were with their parents.

Questions and Answers
3.What difference did you notice between the reaction of the adults and the children when faced with danger?
ans)When faced with danger,the author and his wife started losing hope and thought that their end was near.However, when the the children were hurt and badly caught in danger,they reminded optimistic and assured their parents in turn.They didnt fear death as they were along with their parents.When the adult reach a state of complete despair,the children cheered them up and gave them courage by drawing a card which read , "Oh, how I love you both.So this card is to say thank you and lets hope for the best."

4.How does the story suggest that optimism helps to endure "the direst stress"?
ans)Optimism help to reduce "the direst stress".This can be verified with the instance where the level of perseverance rose in the author after seeing the caricatures of him and Mary,drawn by the children.
Optimism also rose when Jonathan said ,"WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO DIE IF WE CAN ALL BE TOGETHER".Optimism raise one's spirit and helps one overcome stress and difficulty.
5.What lessons do we learn from such hazardous experiences when we are face-to-face with death?
ans)At such hazardous circumstances, when we become face-to-face with death,we should not leave hope. Instead, we should find reasons to stay calm and be positive.A small expression lightens the burden and anxiety.Lessons learnt from such hazardous situations is that one should never ignore and become cautious and carefull as soon as senses impending danger.
1. List the steps taken by the captain
i) to protect the ship when rough weather began.
ans) He grabbed the rails and sailed through the air into the ship's main boom.He found the wheel, lined up the stern for the next wave and hung on. He managed to strech canvas and secure waterproof hatch covers across the gaping holes.
He connected an electric-pump to an out-pipe.
ii) to check the flooding of the water in the ship.
ans) To check the flooding of water,he connected an electric-pump to an out-pipe.Later after 36 hours of continous pumping,they reached the last centimetres of water.

By- Nikhita Singh
Manisha Rawat
Shelja Pandey
Arjoo Chauhan
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