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Avatar: the Last Airbender

English Project

Meka Bailey

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Avatar: the Last Airbender

Avatar: the Last Airbender
Battle between good and evil
Father/Son conflict
General Iroh
Hunting group of companions
Damsel in Distress
Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Boomerang, and Fan all unite to form "The GaAang" who must help Aang take down Zuko's monstrous father, Firelord Ozai.
The creature of nightmare
Firelord Ozai
Beautiful, caring, and strong-willed, Katara, the last waterbender within the sourthern water tribe has never lost faith in the avatar who was last seen a hundred years ago. Despite the hardships from the war, she and her brother lived contently within their tribe that is until one day Katara joined her brother on a hunting trip which instead of catching fish as they planned, they caught a young boy with eccentric tattoos. Now traveling with the boy, Katara and Sokka must endure the fire nation's constant attacks which some have gotten the poor heroine entangled in the affair, but that never stopped her and it won't now.
The young hero: Aang
With the help of his friends, Aang will be able to master the four elements in time before the arrival of Sozin's comet. Toph who is a grand master at earthbending will teach Aang to stop avoiding his problems and take them head on. Zuko, the master firebender, will help the Avatar realize that it is not entirely evil and that he shouldn't be afraid for one mistake he made. And last, but not least, Katara will also help Aang achieve his goal of mastering the four elements.
Trapped within an iceberg for over one hundred years, Aang, the avatar, must travel around the world in search of master benders who can help him achieve his goal of becoming a full fledged avatar. Although reluctant in the beginning, Aang was finally able to accept his duties as the avatar, the world's last hope in order to obtain peace.
The Creature of Nightmare
At a young age, Azula had always been her father's favorite "prodigy". Owning up to her title as the fire nation princess, Azula was always a cunning and skillful girl who then turned into a deranged beauty after a hallucinogenic encounter with her banished mother. Trying to maintain her calculative demeanor, Azula's condition did not better for before this her two comrades, Mai and Ty Lee abandoned her also, making her father a support line for sanity. Never really caring for his daughter, he assigned her a position as "Fire Lord" leaving her to rule the kingdom be herself which Azula thought that she was getting the same treatment as her trecherous brother before he assigned her the throne. The demented beauty then faces her brother in an agni kai which shattered her remaining sanity for she was truly alone in her moment of ultimate defeat.
The Evil Figure with the Ultimately Good Heart
Banished from the throne at age 14, Zuko has dedicated two years of his life to capture the elusive Avatar who was rumored to have disappeared over 100 years ago. edspite great odds against him, the prince never gave up hope for once he captures the avatar, he will be able to return to his father who had mercilessly scarred him upon his left eye. The reason Zuko fits this archetype is because after wasting three years chasing after the avatar, the young prince finally realized that in order to do what was right he must decide who he was and what he wanted to be.
As Sozin's descends closer and closer to the earth, the battle between Aang and Ozai begins, thrusting the world in turmoil for Ozai's army tries to wipe out those who stand within their lord's way. Even though it seemed evil would triumph, Aang defeats the firelord saving the world from destruction.
Known world-wide as the "Dragon of the West" General Iroh, a caring and quite skillful old man remained by his young and bashful nephew's side assisting him throughout his journey to capture the avatar. Although not really having a side within the war, Iroh sees Zuko as his own son which is he continued to train the boy as his mentor and friend.
Mentors (part 2)
The Devil Figure
Banishing his son at the age of 14, Fire lord Ozai believes his son is a traitor and a fool for not being to capture the avatar for so long. However, when Zuko joined the side of good, none of that mattered to him for he was able to obtain the honor his father stripped away from him.
Determined for power, Fire Lord Ozai made it his destiny to rule over the world, but with the avatar in his way, he would to find a way to exterminate him and the only way for that to happen was to send out his son who he knew would be dedicated to the task for he needed to regain his honor in order to return home. However, hearing that he failed numerous times, he sent out his prodigy daughter to bring back the avatar and her brother. The reason he fits the devil figure is because in promising Zuko his honor back, which in my opinion seems something similar a devil would do, he is basically giving his own son the choice of being a worthy son for honor.
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