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Maryam Rauf

on 6 November 2013

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Talent Acquisition
Find the right people
Talent Identification
Evaluate and understand
existing Talents
Talent Deployment
Get people ready for key roles
in the business.
Talent Development
Social Recruiting
Professional and social networking sites are used to hire top talent
Invest in people and nurture growth
Strategic on-boarding is much more than basic orientation. It involves task management and socialization within the company's culture.
Employee referral program leads to an increased quantity of hires and serves purposes such as reducing recruitment costs and supporting diversity hiring efforts.
Employee Referrals
On Campus Recruitment
One of the most effective ways of recruiting top graduates is to maintain a visible presence on campus.
Talent acquisition strategy drives the
shift from a reactive process to a proactive process by consistently resourcing
and hiring the best candidate.
The Birth Of Silkbank
On September 15, 2001, under the supervision of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the institution then known as the Prudential Bank was acquired by the management and associates of the Saudi Pak Industrial and Agricultural Investment Company (Pvt) Ltd (SAPICO).

On March 31, 2008, a Consortium comprising of IFC, Bank Muscat, Nomura International and Sinthos Capital led by senior banker Mr. Shaukat Tarin acquired the Bank.

Performance Management
Performance management helps us to plan, assess, improve and analyze the performance of the workforce.

Assessing and managing the performance via feedback, appraisals and rewarding employees accordingly.

Identify and develop the skills and competencies needed to successfully align the workforce with the business strategy.

Competency Management
Training and Development
Provide targeted trainings


Coaching programs
New trends in Talent Management
Talent management is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of those individuals who are assets to the organization.
Cloud-based systems for recruiting, learning and other HR systems.

e.g. retention analytics allows companies to predict when talented staff are likely to leave therein an opportunity to intervene with efforts to retain them.

Talent analytics assists in identifying the right candidate for the job.
Cloud Based Technology
Mobile optimization helps reach the busiest candidate.
Usage of mobile phones is at it's peak therefore
Employers are seeking new ways to optimizing their means of communication by upgrading mobile interfaces.
Usage of Skype is on the rise mainly for long distance, local interviews, conferences etc .
Video interviewing
Social Collaboration
“Social Collaboration Technology tools give employees flexibility and let them instantly see the status of their colleagues. They can start a chat or conference call, which can include an online presentation where they can share and contribute ideas on documents. All they need is an internet connection
Internship is a unique opportunity to work on real life projects with real responsibilities and work life challenges to start your career.
identify individuals
Identify individuals with
Identify Subject Matter Experts (SME's)
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