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Credible VS Non-Credible Sources

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Ainsley Robles

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Credible VS Non-Credible Sources


believable or convincing

What makes a website credible?
1. An Author: who wrote what you are copying down?

2. Date: Is there a date on the article?

3. Spelling mistake: are words spelled wrong in the article?
Types of Websites
Examples: Credible



Take out your notebooks and explain to me why it is important to know the difference between credible and non-credible sources on the internet?
Examples: Non-Credible


.gov: Government

.edu: Education

.org: Organization

.com: Commercial

.net: Network

Why is this important?
This is important because you never want to put wrong information into a paper for school!

You need to know the difference between what is tright and what is wrong on the internet
Think/ Pair/ Share
Credible VS Non-Credible Sources
Ms. Robles
Past, Present, and Future of Lawrence High School
December 2014

not easy to believe; not convincing
Sentence: The information the students found on
the internet was credible.
Sentence: Gossip is a no-credible source of
information because sometimes people lie.

A story or information that someone wrote down on the internet.
Sentence: I read an article the other day on the Eagle
Tribune website that was talking about Lawrence
High School.
There are 3 things to look for:
does it sound credible?
*take out your notebook
*we are going to go over the website
*write down what you saw that made it credible or non-credible
-think about the 3 criteria
what makes these websites non-credible?
Discussion Question
How will you use this when we begin to research about the history of Lawrence High School?
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