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9th and 10th Grade Checklist

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Trisha Uhler

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of 9th and 10th Grade Checklist

The road to college starts now!
There are many things you can do during your freshman and sophomore years to make sure you are ready for college and beyond.
Make your classes count!
Did you know every class you take - and every semester grade you make - shows on the transcript that gets sent to colleges when you apply?
Make sure you are taking classes that challenge you. Go to tutoring with your teacher or in the tutoring center.
Don't wait to get help - if you are struggling in a class, talk to the teacher immediately!
Did you blow off your freshmen year? If so, start working hard right now! It won't change the past, but colleges will notice the improvement.
Get involved in school
Join school clubs or activities that interest you.
Do you like to dance? Try the ballroom dancing club. Do you like to play chess? Try the chess club.
Did you want to take photography this year, but couldn't fit it into your schedule? Try the film and photography club.
The point is, by joining activities that interest you, you will meet people with similar interests, have fun, and build your college resume!
Get involved outside of school
Join community activities, volunteer, find a job, go to a summer camp. Do things outside of school that interest you or that let you explore your career interests.
For example, if you want to be a vet, volunteer at an animal shelter.
If you want to be a doctor, join a program at the hospital that allows you explore various medical fields.
Remember - when it comes to activities, it's about quality, not quantity!
Keep track of your accomplishments
When you start applying for colleges, you'll have to complete a resume and it's hard to remember everything you've done, so keep a list of your accomplishments - every activity you participate in and every award you receive.
FYI - There is a resume section in Naviance under the "About Me" tab. You can start listing your activities there now and your resume will be completed as you go!
Start exploring colleges and careers now
Go online now to websites like Naviance or Big Future to research the colleges and careers that you are interested in.
Attend college and career fairs.
Ask people you know about their career and their college major.
Think about finances
Talk to your parents now about how to pay for college.
Use the FAFSA4caster to estimate how much financial aid you will receive and how much your family will be expected to contribute (the FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid such as grants, loans, and work-study). Your counselor or Mrs. Mason can help you interpret the results.
Start saving now! No matter where you go, college is expensive. The more you can save now, the less you'll stress later!
Keep your eyes on the road!
Lastly, talk to your counselor and visit the College and Career Center to make sure you are on track and to find out the steps you should take to get into the college you want and to have the career you dream about.

There is a college for everyone and there is a way for everyone to go. By working hard and being persistent, you will reach your goals!

9th and 10th Grade Checklist
From high school to college
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