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Awards Presentation 2012

No description

Emma Ward

on 9 July 2016

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Transcript of Awards Presentation 2012

Level 2
NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Level 2 Barbering
Level 3
Advanced Hairdressing

Including Functional Skills
Level 2
TAQA Assessor
Agnes Marufu
Emma Padgett
Emma Hunter
Ayesha Martin
Kelly Jay Glover
Amy Eamonson
Ailish Davies
Dawn's Wednesday Class - Leeds
Courtney Wilson
Lydia Hands
Emma Shirt
Danielle Walton
Rachel Tennant
Katie Wilkinson
Rebecca Hall
Eilish Daniels
Emma Darrington
Caroline Gilbertson
Angela's Tuesday Class - Leeds
Julie's Tuesday Class - Wakefield
Rachel Thorpe
Grace Brookman
Heather Cardno
Ashton Carter
Hannah Clarke
Zoe McIntyre
Yasmine Mellor
Danielle Newsome
Jodie Coleman
Jamie's Barbering Class - Leeds.
Talisa Hirst
Kelly Benson
Jodie Nicola Warren
Rebecca Ratcliffe
Hollie Louise Roche
Amy Jackson
Emma W's Barbering Class - Wakefield.
Laura Khan Stefanie Clark
Jodie Mountain Abby May Leach
Nicola Allen Carla Richardson
Parees Anika Goodison Stevie Grace Turton
Charlotte Greenaway Holly Lazenby
Stacey Walker Emily Stones
Jackie's Barbering Class - Wakefield.
Chloe Armitage Charlotte Beaumont

Jilly Humpreys Stephanie Lawrence

Emma Brooke Nadine Padgett

Kirsty Cross Katie Sumby

Emma Green Nicola Sutton

Catherine Hughes Amelia Yates

Level 3 Advanced Hairdressing - Claire
Victoria Hargill - Victorias
Hayley Dean - The Hair Lounge
Hayley Shaw - Zig Zag
Victoria Alcaraz - Fusion 45
Sarah Rose - Philips Hair Salons
Alison Tate - Bianco Hair
Steph Chappell - Philips Morley
Assessor Candidates.
Sophie Beech
Hannah Blackburn
Jamie Mawson
Hollie Moizer
Katie Robertshaw
Holly Spencer
Lauren Hirst
Kasey Dickens
Chantelle Vickers
Lucy Rose Higgins
Amy McGuire
Jackie's Wednesday Class - Wakefield.
Emma T's Monday Class - Wakefield.
Jennifer Bedford
Tony Croxford
Elliott Ludgate
Evie Greenfield
Lucy Shepherd
Becky Tate
Abbie Wilson
Luke Batterton
Level 2 Hairdressing
Level 2 Barbering.
Sophie Beech
Hannah Blackburn
Jamie Mawson
Hollie Moizer
Katie Robertshaw
Holly Spencer
Jodie Coleman
Level 3 Hairdressing
Dawn's Wednesday Class - Leeds.
Julie's Tuesday Class - Wakefield.
Angela's Tuesday Class - Leeds.
Jackie's Wednesday Class - Wakefield
Emma T's Monday Class - Wakefield.
Jamie's Barbering Class - Leeds.
Emma W's Barbering Class
Jackie's Barbering Class
TAQA Assessor
Alice and Josh.
Hayley Dean.
The Hair Lounge.

Natalie Ward
Julian Smiths.
Special Mentions.
Student of the Year
Kelly Jay Glover.
Ashton Carter.
Tocado Hairdressing.

Sophie Beech.
Roger David Hair.
Becky Tate.
Philips Morley

A special thank you to all the
employers who took part in
our employer engagement days.
Garry Farr - Anthony James Hairdressing.
Craig Banks - Serenity Hair Spa
Collette Keane - Serenity Hair Spa
David Hirst - Hirst & Miller
Agnes Marufu - Transformations
Mel Tudor - En Route Hairdressing
Abby Bowden - Paul Knights Hair Spa
Lynne Priestley - Lynne Priestley.

Employer of the Year.
Mel Tudor.
En Route Hairdressing.

Christian Bell
Innes Smith
Kelly Jay Glover

1st. GHD Straighteners
2nd. Wine and chocolate hamper.

All proceeds donated to
Wakefield Hospice.
Thank you all for coming.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Thank you to all our dedicated staff
for all their hard work this year.

Jamie's Barbering Class.
Christian Bell
Demi Cassidy
Charlotte Sellars
Rachel Tennant
Courtney Wilson
Katie Wilkinson

Jamie's Barbering Class

And the winner is.........
Alice and Josh.
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