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Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Changes in Ecosystems

No description

Josh Patrick

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Changes in Ecosystems

Chapter 4 Lesson 3 Changes in Ecosystems

Pg. 184-190
Bell Ringer
Identify which picture shows a natural event changing an ecosystem and a living thing changing an ecosystem.
Flood (natural event)
I Can describe how living things and natural events cause ecosystems to change.
I can describe three main ways that organisms can react to dramatic changes in ecosystems .
I Can Statements
What causes an ecosystem to change?
Natural Events
Living Things
What are some natural events that change ecosystems?
How can living things change ecosystems?
volcanic eruptions
What happens when ecosystems change?
An individual's response to change.
Moving Away
Not all animals can accommodate to ecosystem changes. Some must find new places to live.
Some living things cannot adapt to an ecosystem change. If an organism does not meet its needs after a change, it will die.
Give examples of natural events that change ecosystems and how humans change ecosystems.
How can people reduce the impact of pollution?

How can people help ecosystems?
What happens to populations of plants and animals when a forest is cleared?
How are deforestation and overpopulation related?
When forests are removed from an area, organisms lose their homes. Their habitat has been destroyed.
If there is human overpopulation, people may clear forested areas to build homes, factories, or roads.
Plant new trees, conserve natural resources, etc.
What happens to plants and animals after a forest fire?
Plants and animals are forced to accommodate, move, or they die.
Why are plants usually the first organism to spread to a new area?
Plants are producers. Producers become a food source for consumers that will follow them to a new area.
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